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We see for ourselves just where we could go with the extra range offered from Shell's new and improved fuel formula!

19 May 2023

You've read the news and you must have already seen the banners at the Shell stations across the island. Shell now has a new and improved fuel formula, complete with new deposit-targeting technology that is sure to deep clean your engine.

And just what can you gain from this new technology? Shell is promising up to an additional 15km of range* with each fill up, perfect for letting you do more of what you love. So naturally, we had to see just what we would fit into an afternoon if we had an extra 15km of range!

A quick weekend drive

Our journey starts off from Sgcarmart's office, located at New Tech Park. Setting off from Lorong Chuan into Braddell Road, we take a late post-lunch ice-cream stop at Creamier. The ice cream store operates from a total of four locations across Singapore, but this one in Toa Payoh was where it all started.

Creamier @ Toa Payoh (3.7km)

Creamier has a wide variety of ice cream flavours to choose from, perfect for beating the afternoon heat
Recommended here is the Sea Salt Gula Melaka, which we think is the perfect South-East Asian flavour and accompaniment if you choose to walk about and soak in the myriad of housing blocks and kopitiams that now dot this corner of Singapore's oldest HDB estate.

Those feeling more peckish can always opt to get their ice cream with waffles.

[email protected] Payoh is located at #01-02 Blk 131, Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Singapore (310131). Parking is available just next door at Blk 130A, and Creamier's Toa Payoh branch is open from 12:00pm to 10:00pm.

Botanic Gardens - The Garage (9.0km)

The Garage used to house cars, but now hosts a bistro that is the perfect getaway from the noise of the city
After a short walk around Toa Payoh, however, we quickly tire from the heat and opt to set out for an opportunity to rest our feet at our next destination: The Singapore Botanic Gardens.

After a quick drive down Thomson, Whitley, and Dunearn Road, we park at the carpark outside Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, and take a short stroll through the Bontanic Gardens. Swapping out the tall HDB blocks for neatly manicured lawns, we make it to The Garage - because of course there has to be some automotive slant to our journey. 

Once a stable for cars, The Garage is now a conserved building that now hosts Bee's Knees, a laid-back bristro and the perfect location to get away from the bustle of the city.

A host of western fare is served here, but you will be able to catch breakfast options if you do arrive before 3:00pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Bee's Knees is open from 8:00am to 10:00pm on weekends.

ION Orchard (13.6km)

ION Orchard currently marks the start of the Orchard Road stretch, where Shell first started its retail presence here in Singapore
After we've had our full of food and greenery, its time to head back into the city. Taking Nassim Road and looping around Orchard Boulevard brings us to ION Orchard, the perfect place to cool down after a long day out.

ION Orchard, of course, marks the start of Singapore's premiere shopping district and is now predominantly filled with boutique stores.

But did you know that back in 1922, Orchard Road also played host to Shell's first retail pump here in Singapore?

Want to plot out your own 15km weekend adventure?

Make sure to pick up a mileage tracker card at your next visit to a Shell station, so you can see just what a difference this new fuel makes yourself.

Grab your own mileage tracker and see for yourself the improvements that can be gained from Shell's new and improved fuel formula
Simply fill up the mileage card and take a photo of it once its completed, and post it onto Shell Singapore's Facebook contest post, with an explanation of how an extra 15km can help you do what you love, and you could stand to win a total of 15,000 Shell Go+ points, which you can then use to redeem more discounts on your next top up!

Those that share their photo on Instagram with the #Shell15km and set their profile to public will even stand a higher chance of winning!

The new and improved Shell FuelSave

For those looking for enhanced fuel economy, Shell's FuelSave fuels is now able to clean like never before.

Both Shell FuelSave and Shell V-Power promise enhanced ability to clean your engine and keep it running like new
With the ability to remove a total of 65% of the harmful deposits within your engine, while protecting against further corrosion and deposit build-up, the new Shell FuelSave can deliver up to 15km further range with each top up.

The new and improved Shell V-Power

And for those looking to extract the best performance out of their engine, Shell is also offering a new V-Power.

This premium fuel removes 100% of performance-robbing deposits and protects against future build-up on vital engine parts from your fuel system, fully rejuvenating your engine with each drive and ensuring that your engine continues running like new.

Find out more about the new and improved Shell fuel lineup here.

*Actual benefits and performance may vary.

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