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Toyota to invest $4.5 billion for battery development in the U.S.A
19 Oct 2021
Part of the investment will go towards the development of Toyota's production knowledge in lithium-ion batteries for electric cars.
Toyota builds a miniature hydrogen-powered Mirai
18 Oct 2021
The U.K.'s first hydrogen-fuelled radio controlled car is said to even be able to cover twice the distance of an equivalent battery-powered RC car.
Toyota Mirai sets new fuel cell hypermiling record
11 Oct 2021
The 2021 Toyota Mirai has set a Guinness World Record title for the longest distance driven by a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle without refuelling.
Toyota confirms all new Aygo X
07 Oct 2021
Toyota has confirmed it will reveal an all new Aygo X A-segment crossover based on the TNGA GA-B platform come November 2021.
Manufacturing starts for Toyota Corolla Cross in the U.S.A
01 Oct 2021
With production started for the U.S.A Toyota Corolla Cross, hiring has also begun for a yet-to-be-revealed Mazda to be produced from the same plant.
Toyota reveals its Japan market Corolla Cross
21 Sep 2021
Japanese version of the Toyota Corolla Cross gets a redesigned grille, new head light graphics, and the Japanese-market Corolla badge.
It's not just Kia: Why is everyone so desperate recently to announce new logos?
10 Sep 2021
Love it or hate it, Kia's latest logo is an already more daring re-visualisation compared to the seemingly inane updates we've seen from other carmakers.
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Hyundai just promised a big push for hydrogen power
08 Sep 2021
Hyundai just promised a big push for hydrogen power: All of its commercial vehicle models are to incorporate fuel cell systems by 2028.
Toyota pledges $18.3 billion to investments in battery tech by 2030
08 Sep 2021
The world's largest car manufacturer is renewing its stance on electric vehicles with a gargantuan pledge towards investments in battery manufacturing.
Toyota Corolla hits 50 million global sales milestone
19 Aug 2021
The Toyota Corolla, now in its 12th generation, is celebrating a spectacular global sales milestone of 50 million cars.
Toyota Gazoo Racing reveals its latest piece: The GR 86
18 Aug 2021
A low-slung body, compact flat-four engine, and low weight means the Toyota GR 86 has all the right ingredients for firmly planted sports car handling.
Car Review - Toyota Camry Hybrid 2.5 Elegance (A)
11 Aug 2021
A cosseting ride, generous space, and excellent fuel economy make the Toyota Camry Hybrid an excellent car for any family that will travel miles in their car.
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Car-friendly or not? Rating NDP music videos over the past 10 years based on their car cameos
09 Aug 2021
Happy National Day! Rating NDP music videos over the past 10 years based on their car-friendliness (including car cameos)
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Toyota's new Land Cruiser gets a GR Sport variant
07 Aug 2021
The new Toyota Land Cruiser gets several improvements to its GA-F ladder frame chassis for unrivalled off-road ability.
It's clear: The rich are buying cars like never before
04 Aug 2021
LTA statistics show that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are buying high-luxury cars like never before.
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