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Protecting your tyre against instant puncture
17 Oct 2013
Automotive tyres are the only point of contact between the car and the road, and punctures can sometimes risk the safety of the car.
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Nicholas Low and TyreShield | 128,569 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Hydrogen cleaning technology for powertrains
17 Jan 2013
A new way of cleansing powertrains uses hydrogen cleaning technology and provides similar effects to engine overhaul.
Text and Photos by Akram Saheed | 60,753 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Automotive lubricants for diesel powertrains
08 Jan 2013
One of the leading automotive lubricant manufacturers, Liqui Moly, rides the CEVS tide to announce a full range of automotive products for diesel cars.
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Liqui Moly | 17,822 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Engine oil additive - Putting its worth in real world conditions
03 Jan 2013
Engine oil additives may be supplementary in nature, but boast real world gains in terms of engine protection, efficiency and performance.
Text and Photos by Nicholas Low | 21,678 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Automotive paint care - Finding one that is best suited for your ride
13 Dec 2012
Automotive paintcare has seen great advancements with the greater variety of products. Which is best suited for your ride?
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Julian Kho | 16,415 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Engine oil - Which is the way to go?
30 Oct 2012
It is important to maintain and service the powertrain of your car to ensure a smooth ride. And it all boils down to the engine oil.
Text by Akram Saheed, Photos by Blaze Trading Services | 27,205 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Car paint protection - Which is most suited for your car?
19 Oct 2012
Considering the vast number of options, having to choose the right car paint protection products can be a pain in the neck. So which is the best then?
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Julian Kho | 43,411 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Car Tyres - The core points you should note
10 Feb 2012
Since tyres affect the personality and performance of your car, it's vital to note certain points before purchasing and maintaining a reliable set.
Text & Photos by Tyrepac | 49,471 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Car battery - What is sulfation & prevention
01 Jul 2011
Sulfation can mean the eventual death of a car's battery which could mean the death of an engine at the most inopportune moments.
Text by Benjamin G. Kline | 32,795 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Car braking system - Inspection and servicing
02 Jun 2011
When it comes to driving, brakes play a very important role that can help ensure our safety.
Text by Richie Setiawan | 25,155 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Understanding a car air intake system
08 Apr 2011
Your car's air intake system draws air, from the outside, into your engine. But do you know exactly how it works? Here's what you need to know.
Text by Richie Setiawan | 128,561 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Tips on properly maintaining an automatic transmission
21 Mar 2011
An automatic transmission is really enjoyable and convenient, especially when it comes to traffic jams. However, there are things you need to know to keep your gearbox in good shape.
Text by Richie Setiawan | 89,931 views | Car Maintenance Advice
The Italian tune-up by Ferrari
21 Jan 2011
Need a quick tune-up? How about taking a shot at this rumoured Ferrari developed method?
Text by Simon Wijoyo | 29,464 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Car shock absorbers - The importance of knowing them well
26 Nov 2010
Taking good care of shock absorbers is the key to achieving maximum comfort inside a car. Find out what you need to know about these vital components.
Text by Richie Setiawan | 75,833 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Watch out for the danger of air bubbles
24 Nov 2010
Simple as it can be, air bubbles may actually turn out to be dangerous. Overtime, they may cause overheat when trapped in car engine cooling system.
Text by Richie Setiawan | 53,652 views | Car Maintenance Advice