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Peter Hochholdinger joins Tesla from Audi as VP of Vehicle Production
16 May 2016
Tesla has announced the appointment of Peter Hochholdinger - who leaves Audi after 22 years - as the new Vice President of Vehicle Production.
At least 13 Singaporeans order new Tesla Model 3
05 Apr 2016
At least 13 people in Singapore have placed orders for Tesla's Model 3, the new electric car unveiled by Elon Musk last week.
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The unveiling of the all new Tesla Model 3
03 Apr 2016
Tesla has unveiled its new Model 3 at a launch event in California, its new entry-level sedan that aims to bring electric cars to the masses.
Tesla's new Model 3 coming to Singapore
02 Apr 2016
Tesla boss Elon Musk has indicated that the new Model 3, Tesla's most affordable car, will be available in more countries including Singapore.
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All new all-electric racing series to feature Tesla Model S
17 Mar 2016
An all new Electric GT racing series, the first zero emissions GT championship starting in 2017, will feature race-modified Tesla Model S cars.
LTA to review the case where a Tesla was issued a $15,000 carbon surcharge
11 Mar 2016
Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it was re-examining the case of a used electric car that was issued a $15,000 carbon surcharge.
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Elon Musk contacts PM Lee over Tesla tax surcharge
08 Mar 2016
The boss of Tesla Motors, Mr. Elon Musk, has contacted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong over the issue of a Tesla S model's tax surcharge in Singapore.
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Tesla Model S electric car slapped with $15,000 tax surcharge
05 Mar 2016
A Tesla Model S electric car has been slapped with a $15,000 tax surcharge, the first tailpipe emission-free vehicle to be penalised thus in Singapore.
Tesla delivers new quarterly record to reach 2015 sales goal
04 Jan 2016
After a strong fourth-quarter rally, Tesla managed to hit its sales target for 2015, delivering 50,580 vehicles last year.
Tesla launches safety-focused Model X Sports Utility Vehicle
30 Sep 2015
Tesla launches the Model X, an all-electric Sports Utility Vehicle that is heavily focused on safety, designed to be the safest car on the road.
Tesla begins tests of Model S battery swap
22 Dec 2014
Tesla will embark on tests to swap batteries for its new Model S, a process which takes just a few minutes and a fast alternative to charging the car's battery.
Tesla announces Infinite Mile Warranty for Model S
20 Aug 2014
Tesla has announced that the warranty on the drive unit of its Model S will be extended to match the one on the battery pack.
Tesla delivers first right-hand drive Model S in London
11 Jun 2014
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, delivers the first batch of right-hand drive Tesla Model S to five customers in London.
Tesla Motors opens new store in the U.K.
15 Nov 2013
Tesla has opened its first retail design store in the U.K. at London's Westfield Shopping Centre in - one of the capital's most popular shopping destinations.
Tesla delays Model X until 2014 in bid to shorten loan repay
16 Mar 2013
Tesla has announced their plans to pay back their loans to the U.S. Energy Department ahead of schedule, but with the trade off of delaying the Model X.