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Used car dealer under fire for credit problems
18 Feb 2015
A second hand car dealer has come under fire for selling cars, which could end up being repossessed, due to recent money problems.
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Cat A cars pass LTA's dynamometer test
10 Jan 2015
Dynamometer tests conducted by the Land Transport Authority have found no cars in Category A exceeding the power output stated by their manufacturers.
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Car dealers appeal for steady COE supply and transparency in power test
09 Jan 2015
The motor industry is making an appeal to the Government for a more constant supply of COE and a clearer process of vehicle approval.
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Parallel import cars to qualify for bigger carbon rebates
09 Jan 2015
Private firms stand to gain as parallel imported cars now garners bigger carbon rebates than equivalent models brought in by authorised dealers.
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Buyers claim car dealer took more than $3m in deposits
19 Dec 2014
Close to 100 people have come forward to claim that they were cheated by car dealer Volks Auto, which now involves a sum amounting to more than $3 million.
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More people claim they're being cheated by car dealership
17 Dec 2014
More people have come forward to claim that they have been cheated by car dealership Volks Auto after the news was reported yesterday.
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Buyers claim car dealer cheated them of deposits
16 Dec 2014
More than 20 buyers gathered outside a car dealership after the owner went uncontactable and failed to deliver the cars they had bought.
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New car buying experience with Volkswagen Singapore
06 Dec 2014
Buyers looking for Cat B Volkswagen cars will now have more personal attention at Volkswagen Exclusive - the first car showroom of its kind in Southeast Asia.
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Rolling out new deals to entice vehicle buyers
29 May 2013
In a bid to woo more buyers, automotive companies are getting creative and are rolling out new deals to counter the cooling measures.
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Showroom crowd before loan curb takes effect
26 Feb 2013
Car showrooms remained open till late last night for 'last minute' shoppers before the loan curb takes effect today.
If you are planning on buying a diesel car, refrain from filling up in Malaysia
16 Jan 2013
Car owners enticed by lower diesel prices in Malaysia do take note - The diesel fuel offered between the two countries are of different grades.
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Fancy buying the original Impreza World Rally Car?
24 Feb 2009
If you’ve got spare cash and a love for Subaru’s WRC cars, here’s your chance to own one of them. And we’re not talking die-cast models, mind you.
Porsche closer to buying Volkswagen
15 Jul 2008
Porsche will increase its stake in Volkswagen from 30.6% to 35.5% effective September 2nd.