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Mazda reveals details of new six-cylinder e-Skyactiv D diesel engine
06 Jul 2022
Mazda has revealed new details of the new six-cylinder e-Skyactiv D diesel unit for the CX-60, available with either 197bhp or 251bhp.
This is Singapore's first ever electric formula-style race car
29 Jun 2022
0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds? All-electric? The R22e marks a painstaking but rewarding pivot for the engineering students at NUS from their ICE race cars of old.
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Bentley announces new Speed Six Continuation Series
28 Jun 2022
Bentley Mulliner has announced that it will be building 12 new examples of the Le Mans-winning Speed Six in a new continuation series.
June 2022: Cat B and E over $100k now, supply for next period projected to shrink further
23 Jun 2022
Premiums have broken six figures for the first time in two decades. Still, with a projected quota shrinkage, it appears that we may not have crossed the peak.
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The six worst places to drive to in Singapore, ranked
20 Jun 2022
Yes, driving is fantastically convenient, but it isn't always easy. Here are our picks of the six worst places in Singapore to drive to.
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Bugatti reveals bespoke car inspired by Louis Chiron
11 Jun 2022
The bespoke Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport 'Grand Prix' sports a hand-painted number '32' along its flank, taking after the Type 51 that Louis Chiron raced in.
No ear plugs needed: If the sounds are different, where does Formula E pack the excitement?
09 Jun 2022
Our writer tags along with the Jaguar TCS team for the inaugural Jakarta E-Prix - and nervously watches it execute the perfect strategy to emerge as champion.
Mattheus Wee in Jakarta, Indonesia, Photos by Jaguar TCS, Formula E | 2,675 views | Features
Mitch Evans and Jaguar takes win at 2022 Jakarta E-Prix
08 Jun 2022
Jaguar TCS and Mitch Evans have secured victory at the 2022 Jakarta E-Prix, demonstrating the pace of the Jaguar I-TYPE 5.
BMW M confirms lineup for Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022
08 Jun 2022
BMW M will be present at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022 with a lineup that ranges from the M3 Touring to the new iX1.
Should you care about Formula E?
08 Jun 2022
Heading to Jakarta for their first post-pandemic attendance of a Formula E race, our two writers try to figure out if the E-Prix is actually worth caring about.
Desmond Chan and Mattheus Wee in Jakarta, Indonesia, Photos by Formula E, Jaguar | 3,817 views | Features
6 SUVs whose one-of-a-kind designs that make them stand out
08 Jun 2022
If you're a driver seeking an SUV with styling that stands out anywhere you go, here are six models you can consider.
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BMW reveals new X1 luxury crossover with a wide range of drivetrain options
01 Jun 2022
A more dynamic exterior for the new BMW X1 is supported by a wide variety of petrol and plug-in hybrid drivetrains, as well as an all-electric option.
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The BMW M story, 50 years on
31 May 2022
For more than 50 years, the BMW M division has been responsible for some of the most widely celebrated cars on the road.
Desmond Chan, Photos by BMW | 1,544 views | Features
FROM THE ELIXIR OF i: Luxury finds new meaning with BMW's electrification
25 May 2022
From the BMW i3, to its EVs of tomorrow: Sustainability isn't just a buzzword at BMW, but a sacred value that sharpens it as a brand of aspirational luxury.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Low Fai Ming, BMW | 12,102 views | Features
First wave of Singapore F1 entertainment lineup revealed
24 May 2022
You'll be able to catch performances from Marshmello, Westlife, and Green Day as part of the Singapore Grand Prix 2022.
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