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First camouflaged images of the Vauxhall Mokka revealed
27 Apr 2020
Vauxhall has released its first camouflaged images of the all new Mokka as it starts its initial testing with its engineering teams.
Vauxhall unveils specifications for the Corsa-e
12 Mar 2020
Vauxhall has unveiled the electric version of its new, sixth generation Corsa - the Corsa-e - delivering a WLTP range of 336km and 134bhp.
Vauxhall defies misconceptions in new ad campaign for the Corsa
10 Feb 2020
Vauxhall Motors is challenging misconceptions and encouraging all to live by their own rules in its latest marketing campaign for the Corsa.
Engine range for the Vauxhall Insignia unveiled
16 Jan 2020
Thanks to new, efficient engines, the new Insignia will consume 18% less fuel than the preceding model, and will also get a new GSi model in the range.
Corsa e-based rally car in development
15 Dec 2019
Opel is currently conducting durability tests for its Corsa e-Rally Cup, the first-ever battery-electric rally car in Germany.
Vauxhall reveals its flagship large saloon: The new Insignia
05 Dec 2019
The brand's flagship large saloon raises its appeal factor with a refreshed design and a wide range of improved technology features.
New Vauxhall Corsa achieves best in class aerodynamics
16 Aug 2019
Designed to cut drag and save energy, the all new Corsa is engineered for high efficiency and low fuel consumption.
Vauxhall  reveals update for the Astra
05 Jul 2019
Updated Vauxhall Astra sets the standard for efficiency and low emissions with a range of petrol and diesel powertrains.
The all new fifth generation Vauxhall Corsa
30 Jun 2019
Vauxhall has revealed the all new fifth generation Corsa, with its most efficient powertrain ever and a new lightweight design.
Vauxhall reveals first images of the new electric Corsa
25 May 2019
Vauxhall has released first images of the all new Corsa-e, one of the most hotly-anticipated new cars to go on sale in 2019.
Vauxhall goes electric with new Grandland X all-wheel drive PHEV
14 May 2019
Vauxhall is continuing its journey towards electrification with the new Grandland X all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.
Vauxhall's sophisticated IntelliLux LED head light systems
02 Nov 2018
Vauxhall's Insignia and Astra models are available with sophisticated IntelliLux LED head light systems that significantly improve night-time visibility.
The new Insignia GSi is the fastest Vauxhall around the Nurburgring
23 Mar 2018
Vauxhall is introducing its fastest model around the Nurburgring, the new Insignia GSi, which is a full 12 seconds quicker than the outgoing Insignia VXR.
Vauxhall and Opel celebrate 100,000 Insignia orders
30 Jan 2018
Vauxhall and Opel are celebrating the 100,000th order milestone for the Insignia, which has only been on the market for less than a year.
Vauxhall reveals the ultimate Grandland X SUV
05 Dec 2017
Following the launch of the all new Grandland X SUV at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, Vauxhall has introduced a new top-of-the-range variant to the lineup.