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Steering wheel dirt - How to get rid of it
08 Oct 2010
Steering wheel is one of the main elements in driving a car. Therefore, getting rid of dirt on it is pretty recommended for the sake of a joyful driving experience and performance.
Text by Richie Setiawan | 39,694 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Tyre alignment & its importance
25 Jun 2010
Getting those tyres straight- A basic explanation on tyre alignment.
Text by Benjamin G. Kline | 41,693 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Running on run-flat tyres
15 Dec 2009
Run-flats have given us the freedom of not having to lug around that spare in the boot anymore. But how much do you really know about that run-flat fitted to your BMW?
Text by Tyrepac, Photos by Siddiq Sulaiman | 52,662 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Does drugging your fuel system do it for you?
13 Jun 2008
In our first of our series of product tests, we set out to find if run-off-the-shelf fuel additives actually function in everyday, working situations, and if the benefits offset any additional costs.
Text and photos by Amery Reuben | 45,140 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Changing tyres - A damsel in distress speaks out
07 Nov 2007
Changing tyres isn't as bad and tough as you think it is. Even women can do it!
Text and photos by Gen Lim | 35,964 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Car automatic transmission maintenance guide
13 Sep 2007
How to avoid unnecessary damage to your car's automatic transmission and upkeep it?
Text and photos by Jegan Das Haridas | 68,050 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Waxing your car yourself - A DIY guide
01 Sep 2007
Waxing your car involves placing a transparent barrier between the environment and paintwork in order for the shine to last.
Text and photos by Andy Hum | 44,022 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Polishing your car yourself - A DIY guide
01 Sep 2007
Although a quick coat of wax will make a car shine for a while, it's polishing that really makes paint look sharp.
Text and photos by Andy Hum | 46,052 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Claying your car yourself - A DIY guide
01 Sep 2007
Claying is the process of removing contaminants that are on your paint surface. It should be done after you have washed your car, before polishing or waxing.
Text and photos by Andy Hum | 37,514 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Starters guide to bringing the shine to your paintwork
01 Sep 2007
All it takes is a 4-step process that will take less than a day and your car will look like brand new.
Text and photos by Andy Hum | 29,954 views | Car Maintenance Advice
All about tyre balancing
01 Sep 2007
An imbalanced tyre is a tyre/wheel assemble with uneven distribution of mass about the centre-line and can prove to be fatal if it's not solved.
Text and photos by Jegan Das Haridas | 41,836 views | Car Maintenance Advice
How to adjust your car mirror
01 Sep 2007
Don't have a sense of security because you can't find the right angle for your car mirrors? Here's a walkthrough on how you can solve that problem of yours.
Text and photos by Andy Hum | 41,470 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Devices to remove blindspot
01 Sep 2007
What are some of the devices available in the market that can remove blindspots? We explore some available options, like mirrors, cameras and sensors.
Text and photos by Andy Hum | 30,493 views | Car Maintenance Advice
15 ways to pimp your ride
01 Sep 2007
Can't wait to pimp up your ride? Here are 15 ways to modify your car without having the need to get caught by the traffic police.
Text and photos by Andy Hum | 87,775 views | Car Maintenance Advice
LTA guidelines on installation of aftermarket headlights
01 Sep 2007
What are the guidelines you need to follow when it comes to installation of aftermarket headlights?
Text and photos by Jegan Das Haridas | 43,821 views | Car Maintenance Advice