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Celebrate Singapore's 57th birthday with these cool convertibles!
04 Aug 2022
Singapore's National Day is just round the corner and what better way to celebrate her birthday than to enjoy the fireworks display in a cool convertible?
Julian Kho | 7,134 views | Features
Here are some of the brand new cars that will cost you less than $120k to buy today in Singapore
01 Aug 2022
COE prices may be sky high now, but that doesn't mean you can't get yourself a spanking new car. Here are some cars you can have that will cost less than $120k.
Julian Kho | 55,030 views | Features
Iconic vintage cars available in Singapore that are worth investing in... and keeping
22 Jul 2022
Everything vintage seems worth investing in these days, and cars are no exception. Here are some iconic vintage cars that are worth investing in and keeping.
Julian Kho, Photos by Manufacturers, Wikimedia Commons | 7,900 views | Features
Here are some of the best three-cylinder cars you can buy in Singapore right now!
20 Jul 2022
The advancement of technology has allowed cars to run smoothly and efficiently with just three cylinders. Here are some of the best three-pot cars you can have.
Julian Kho, Photos by Manufacturer | 9,910 views | Features
The five most powerful four-cylinder cars available brand new in Singapore today
18 Jul 2022
We are used to seeing these engines in bread and butter cars, but that isn't all they are good for. Here are some of the most powerful four-pots you can buy.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, NetCarShow | 19,441 views | Features
Still prefer to swop gears yourself? Here are some manual cars you can still buy in Singapore today
15 Jul 2022
Manual transmission modern cars are getting harder to find, but they aren't completely gone. Here are some manual cars you can still get in Singapore today.
Julian Kho, Photos by Manufacturer | 10,807 views | Features
These Kei cars on sale in Singapore are so cool that even the wife will approve
08 Jul 2022
Kei cars come with small engine capacities and compact dimensions. Here are some that are available in Singapore that are so cool even the wife will approve.
Julian Kho | 19,837 views | Features
Who says sports cars are unattainable? You can probably get one of these in Singapore right now
24 Jun 2022
We all love sports cars. I mean, who doesn't? Only problem with them is that we can hardly ever afford one, or can we? We put together a sports cars craigslist.
Julian Kho, Photos by Manufacturers | 18,392 views | Features
Escape the hustle and bustle at these 5 locations in Singapore
22 Jun 2022
Whether you're looking for place to bring the kids for a fun day out or a faraway destination for a weekend drive, these are favourite locations for a getaway!
Clarence Seow | 11,714 views | Features
Best hatchbacks to buy in Singapore in 2022
22 Jun 2022
We pick out the best hatchbacks you can buy in Singapore right now that offers space, practicality and comfort for you and your family.
Julian Kho, Photos by Manufacturers | 11,163 views | Features
KINTO One makes vehicle leasing easy
20 Jun 2022
With a dedicated concierge service and the opportunity to carry over your No Claim Discount, KINTO One makes vehicle leasing truly easy!
Clarence Seow | 7,426 views | Features
The six worst places to drive to in Singapore, ranked
20 Jun 2022
Yes, driving is fantastically convenient, but it isn't always easy. Here are our picks of the six worst places in Singapore to drive to.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming and Google Maps | 64,360 views | Features
Steady sales and growth, but no more Country Manager: Taking stock of Tesla Singapore
17 Jun 2022
As Tesla's global hunkering down sees it axe its Country Manager for Singapore, we get up to speed on how the electric carmaker has been doing locally.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Editorial Team | 7,681 views | Features
Top 10 cars under 1.6-litre that are ridiculously fun to drive in Singapore
17 Jun 2022
Who says you can't have fun with cars that have small displacement capacities? Here's a list of top 10 cars under 1.6-litre that are fun to drive in Singapore.
Julian Kho, Photos by Manufacturers | 30,700 views | Features
Made in SG: How homegrown Artdeshine started manufacturing its own car care products and exporting them all over the world
17 Jun 2022
Propelled by a strong collaborative spirit, Artdeshine has grown into a globally recognised manufacturer of car care products with a wide network of partners.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Low Fai Ming, Artdeshine | 12,853 views | Features