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Polestar to debut prototype Polestar 5 at Goodwood
15 Jun 2022
Polestar has confirmed that a prototype Polestar 5 will not only be present, but will also make several drives up the hill at Goodwood.
Polestar begins deliveries of Polestar 2 to Hertz
10 Jun 2022
Hertz has begun receiving the first deliveries of the Polestar 2 as part of a deal that will see the Swedish manufacturer supplying a total of 65,000 cars.
Polestar turns to the fashion industry for Polestar 0 project
09 Jun 2022
Polestar will be attending the 2022 Global Fashion Summit in order to look for partners from the fashion industry for its climate-neutral Polestar 0 project.
Polestar 3 revealed in first official image; set to get up to 600km range
08 Jun 2022
Polestar additionally states the car with come with 'best-in-class' autonomous highway piloting tech, alongside a dual-motor drivetrain.
The Polestar 2 BST edition 270 is the firm's most dynamic all-electric car yet
03 Jun 2022
The Polestar 2 BST edition 270 gets the model's latest performance update, alongside a lower ride height and stiffened suspension among other upgrades.
Polestar invests in extreme fast charging battery innovator StoreDot
25 May 2022
Polestar is investing in StoreDot, which is targeting to produce batteries that can charge up to 160km of range in just five minutes by 2040.
Polestar dropped its emissions per car by 6% in 2021
18 May 2022
The firm states that efforts to raise efficiency, along with the use of renewable energy, has helped to bring down its greenhouse emissions per car in 2021.
Polestar 2 gets updated with new colours and sustainability improvements
28 Apr 2022
The Standard Range Single Motor Polestar 2 has received a new battery with improved chemistry for better range in this latest update.
Polestar trades art for the Polestar 1
18 Apr 2022
Artists around the world could apparently trade in their pieces of art for a Polestar 1 since 2021, so long as it is deemed to be of equal value of course.
Polestar 2 to join Hertz rental fleet across Europe, North America and Australia
05 Apr 2022
The global car rental firm Hertz has announced that it will be purchasing a total of 65,000 electric cars from Polestar over the next five years.
Polestar officially opens its showroom in Singapore
17 Mar 2022
The official Polestar showroom has been inaugurated in Singapore, located along the main automotive belt at 45 Leng Kee Road.
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Polestar releases its own soundtrack to deepen your retail experience
09 Mar 2022
The soundscape was curated to compliment and elevate that Polestar shopping experience and serve as a musical embodiment of the brand.
Polestar's roadster concept promises a new era of electric performance
02 Mar 2022
If the Polestar 5 is anything to go by, shout loud enough and Polestar will probably make this - although we're not sure if that camera drone is coming along...
Polestar climate-neutral car project gets its first industry partners
24 Feb 2022
Polestar's project to develop a climate-neutral car has secured its first industry partners from the metals, safety, and electronics sectors.
Bonded aluminium chassis confirmed for Polestar 5
17 Feb 2022
Polestar has announced that the Polestar 5 all-electric performance four-door GT will utilise a brand-new, bespoke, bonded aluminium platform.