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Tesla Model S set to launch ahead of schedule
15 May 2012
Tesla has announced that it is close to completing the safety tests, which will then allow the Model S to arrive ahead of its intended schedule.
Toyota RAV4 EV production model ready to launch on 7 May 2012
02 May 2012
Having debuted at LA Motor show as a concept model over a year ago, the Toyota-Tesla collaboration RAV4 EV production model is now ready for launch.
Tesla reveals latest Model X crossover
12 Feb 2012
Model X is Tesla's latest offering in crossover guise, promises supercar-like acceleration as with its previous models.
Tesla to launch all-new Roadster in 2014
01 Nov 2011
Tesla has confirmed that it will launch a replacement of its current Roadster in 2014, along with other electric car models
Tesla Model S Alpha revealed
08 Jun 2011
Tesla has released pictures of a production version of its Model S Alpha luxury sedan, which is expected to go on sale by 2012
Cars powered by electrons not too far in the future
23 Jun 2010
'Look ma! No gasoline!' will no longer be a pipedream for average commuters. If Tesla Motors has its way, electric cars mass produced for commuters will be a reality by the next year.
Tesla Model S spotted testing
24 Aug 2009
Pictures of Tesla's upcoming Model S sedan have been released, with the car spotted undergoing testing around a track
Tesla achieves profitability
11 Aug 2009
Against the backdrop of a gloomy economic climate, electric car maker Tesla has achieved profitability against all odds