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Best luxury car rental companies for all your fancy events in Singapore
19 Jun 2020
For some of us, owning a luxury car is but a dream. It's a dream that can come true (if only for a couple of days) for just a fraction of what the car costs.
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Rent a car from these 'no deposit needed' car rental companies
26 Mar 2020
Despite reasonable car rental costs, deposits can sometimes makes upfront costs unbearably high. Fret not, here are some companies which requires no deposit!
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Skoda releases more details of the Vision In concept in new video
28 Jan 2020
The new video sees the concept featuring illuminated crystalline twin ribs and logo on its distinctive Skoda grille.
Hyundai releases a glimpse of the HDC-6 NEPTUNE concept
23 Oct 2019
The HDC-6 NEPTUNE captures Hyundai Motor's vision for zero carbon emission fuel cell electric truck technology and design.
Skoda releases a first glimpse of the next Octavia
20 Oct 2019
The fourth generation of the brand's best-selling model will have a more emotive look and combine compact dimensions with a generous amount of interior space.
Porsche releases interior photos of the Taycan
28 Aug 2019
Porsche is entering a new era with the new Taycan and the brand's first all electric sports car is setting new standards in interior design.
Alpine releases specifications for the A110S
14 Aug 2019
Performance version of the lightweight sportscar features more power, bespoke suspension settings and upgraded brakes.
Volvo Cars releases armoured cars for people needing heightened protection
28 Jun 2019
Volvo is releasing new armoured cars, designed and built to provide safe and comfortable travel with a high level of personal protection for the occupants.
Nefu releases new in-car camera cradle design for the Plabo
21 Mar 2019
Nefu, the leading in-car camera brand in South Korea, has introduced a new cradle design for its Plabo range of cameras.
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Where to go if you One2Rent or lease a car
10 Aug 2017
Looking to 'own' a car without the need for a hefty downpayment? At One2Rent Cars, all your leasing needs will be well taken care of.
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Uber leased more than 1,000 fire-prone Honda cars in Singapore
04 Aug 2017
Uber's car-lending programme is facing new questions after the company leased over 1,000 Honda cars in Singapore that were prone to fires.
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Kia releases first images of the all new Picanto
06 Jan 2017
Kia has released the first images of the all new Picanto, which conveys a more assertive stance through bolder lines and subtly sculpted surfaces.
Taxi releases 'smoke screen' after blocking off car on MCE
23 Nov 2016
A video of a London cab blocking off a red car on the Marina Coastal Expressway before releasing a 'smoke screen' has been shared on
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Nissan releases all new 2017 GT-R
02 Nov 2016
The new Nissan GT-R sports an exciting fresh look both inside and out, as well as major driving performance enhancements and key new features.
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Toyota U.K. has released a video of the GT86 'panda'
01 Aug 2016
Toyota U.K. has released a video of their custom, Initial D-inspired AE86 Corolla as seen in popular manga Initial D, tackling winding Japanese mountain roads.