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Hyundai reveals details on the new Tucson Plug-in Hybrid
16 Dec 2020
The latest offering in the Hyundai Tucson range, the Tucson Plug-in Hybrid, gives consumers another option of top of the mild hybrid and hybrid Tucson models.
Wendy Transport renews Ecolution agreement with Scania Singapore
15 Dec 2020
Wendy Transport and Scania Singapore have renewed their agreement for the Scania Ecolution programme, which seeks to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
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How polymers help Volkswagen make cars lighter and more fuel efficient
10 Dec 2020
Plastics and polymers are playing a new role in the manufacturing of cars, and Volkswagen is creating solutions with polymers to improve them.
Audi increases its budget for electromobility up to 2025
04 Dec 2020
With this investment, Audi plans to strengthen itself for the upcoming transformation to a provider of networked and sustainable premium mobility.
DS Automobiles to only sell plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles by 2025
20 Nov 2020
Following the U.K. Government's announcement that sales of internal combustion engine will be banned from 2030, DS has committed to meet that target by 2025.
Jaguar Land Rover upcycles aluminium to cut emissions
24 Aug 2020
Jaguar Land Rover upcycles aluminium waste to cut emissions by a quarter, closing the loop on precious raw materials.
Vrchlabi plant to be first CO2-neutral Skoda production site
14 Jul 2020
Skoda's Vrchlabi component plant is to become the first CO2-neutral Skoda production site in the world by the end of year 2020.
Audi saved over 350,000 tons of emissions with Aluminium Closed Loop
13 Jun 2020
Audi's aluminium recycling concept, Aluminium Closed Loop, has saved over 350,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions since its introduction.
Volkswagen starts climate projects for carbon compensation
08 Jun 2020
The Volkswagen Group and project developer Permian Global have signed a Joint Development Agreement to create climate protection projects.
BMW reaffirms commitment to fuel cell technology
01 Apr 2020
BMW offers virtual insight into its powertrain system for the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT and reaffirms its commitment to emission-free mobility.
Mazda explores carbon-neutral biofuel research
01 Apr 2020
Mazda is currently involved in joint research projects and studies to promote the widespread adoption of biofuels.
BMW Group pledges to reduce CO2 emissions of new car fleet
19 Mar 2020
The BMW Group pledges its commitment to reduce the CO2 emissions of its new car fleet for the European new car registrations in 2020.
Volvo to cut emissions in its logistics network by swapping trucks for trains
17 Mar 2020
Volvo swaps transport between its facilities from trucks to trains in an effort to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions in its logistics network.
Green energy for Mitsubishi's Okazaki plant in Japan
27 Dec 2019
A rooftop photovoltaic system and a battery energy storage system will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the Okazaki plant by 1,600 tonnes per year.
Volvo Cars to radically reduce carbon emissions
18 Oct 2019
Volvo Cars is aiming to reduce its lifecycle carbon footprint per car by 40% between 2018 and 2025, in line with the global Paris climate agreement of 2015.