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Hyundai to debut next generation fuel cell vehicle at the CES 2018
07 Jan 2018
Hyundai will be showcasing a next generation FCEV model that has an all new artificial intelligence-enhanced personal cockpit at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas.
10 logical causes why Toyota will be the market leader in 2020
31 Oct 2017
Toyota is set to play a notable role in next generation mobility as the carmaker lines up its global vision with its new tagline 'Start Your Impossible'.
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Toyota drives the future of zero-emissions trucking
14 Oct 2017
Toyota drives the future of zero-emissions by examining potential usage of fuel cell technology in heavy-duty applications.
Hyundai offers a glimpse into its next generation fuel cell SUV
19 Aug 2017
Hyundai has revealed its next generation sport utility vehicle, which uses the company's fourth generation hydrogen fuel cell technology, in South Korea.
Three million zero-emissions kilometres in the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell
25 Apr 2017
Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell drivers in California, U.S.A, have accumulated more than three million zero-emissions kilometres by Earth Day 2017.
Genesis reveals GV80 fuel cell concept SUV at the New York Auto Show
24 Apr 2017
Genesis revealed the GV80 Concept sport utility vehicle, which utilises the latest plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric technology, at the New York Auto Show.
Hyundai Motor showcases future vision for zero-emission mobility
09 Mar 2017
Hyundai Motor yesterday unveiled its futuristic FE Fuel Cell Concept that looks ahead to the next generation of hydrogen-powered vehicles.
Trio of Hondas give a glimpse of the future at Geneva
21 Feb 2017
Not only will the Honda Civic Type R be making its world debut, the Clarity Fuel Cell as well as the NeuV concept car will be making their way to Geneva too.
Hyundai Motor takes the next STEP with Paris' Fuel Cell taxi fleet
15 Nov 2016
60 new ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles will replace 17,000 petrol and diesel-powered taxis already in circulation in and around Paris.
GIIAS 2016: The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell makes it's first Asia stop in Indonesia
16 Aug 2016
Honda reveals its Fuel Cell Vehicle, the Clarity Fuel Cell at the 24th and biggest Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show.
Hyundai Motor powers world's first fuel-cell car sharing service
10 Apr 2016
Hyundai Motors will power Beezero, the world's first fuel-cell car sharing service, with 50 ix35 Fuel-Cell vehicles.
First Drive - Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell (A)
09 Nov 2015
The Toyota Mirai is an advanced hydrogen-powered car that boasts zero emissions while providing an enjoyable drive.
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Honda debuts Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show
30 Oct 2015
Honda has debuted the Clarity Fuel Cell, the world's first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sedan to house its powertrain unit under the bonnet.
Singapore to make parts for high-tech batteries
28 Oct 2015
British fuel cell specialist Intelligent Energy has entered into an agreement with two firms to supply key components used in fuel cells.
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Bosch working towards emissions-free mobility for off-highway applications
14 Oct 2015
Bosch Engineering is expanding its systems expertise for fuel cell in off-highway applications, as it works towards emissions-free mobility solutions.