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Boxster Spyder is the "best-handling car in America"
18 Sep 2010
Renowned US specialist journal "Car and Driver" has awarded the Porsche Boxster Spyder the title "best-handling car in America"
Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience: A chance to hone your handling skills
06 Jun 2010
Experiencing and acquiring the art of driving safely in a wide range of Mercedes-Benz cars
Ferrari still prancing with profits
28 Apr 2009
Never mind its dismal results in F1, Ferrari has at least proven its worth with its profits.
New Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Handling GTE Package and World Preview of the 599XX
01 Mar 2009
Ferrari will use the 2009 Geneva Auto Show to unveil two new variations of its 599 GTB.
Kwik-Fit unveils funky calendar
31 Dec 2008
Kwik-Fit, one of UK's biggest tyre dealers, have drawn up the Tyre Wall of Shame Calendar, aiming to keep motorists safe in 2009.
Minor car accident? Don't panic! Here's what you need to do
17 Sep 2007
So you've got into a minor car accident, and you're in a state of shock. Snap out of it! If you want compensation, the next 24-hours are going to be busy.
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