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Nissan releases a teaser of the 2022 Pathfinder
02 Feb 2021
Nissan is set to release the all new 2022 Pathfinder, the latest iteration of its mid-size, three-row SUV at a virtual event.
The new Nissan Rogue sets pace for Nissan's recycling efforts
01 Feb 2021
The Nissan Rogue is the first global Nissan model to be built using the closed-loop system for aluminium parts, setting a precedent for future Nissan models.
Nissan Singapore launches petrol light commercial vehicle lineup
31 Jan 2021
Tan Chong Motor Sales has announced that it will offer a full lineup of petrol-powered light commercial vehicles for sale from April 2021.
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Nissan sets carbon-neutral goal for 2050
29 Jan 2021
Nissan has set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutrality across its operations and the life cycle of its products by 2050.
Nissan showcases the e-NV200 Winter Camper concept
22 Jan 2021
Nissan has unveiled the e-NV200 Winter Camper concept, equipped with a host of lifestyle and technical upgrades so as to make winter expeditions easier.
The Nissan Juke gets a special edition with the Juke Enigma
06 Jan 2021
The Juke Enigma receives new styling upgrades, bigger wheels and a unique decal pack, and to top it off, Amazon Alexa connectivity with voice recognition.
Nissan introduces the all new Note e-POWER AWD
04 Jan 2021
The new Nissan Note e-POWER AWD, now with dual electric motors to power all four wheels, provides extra stability and grip.
The Nissan Leaf, the first mass market electric car, reaches historic milestone
23 Dec 2020
Since its introduction 10 years ago, Nissan Leaf owners have collectively prevented 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the environment.
Nissan Design creates the GT-R (X) 2050, bringing an intern's dream to life
21 Dec 2020
Nissan's creative designers mould a 1:1 model based on a senior design student's futuristic vision for a super autonomous future.
Nissan releases its new small SUV, the Magnite
27 Oct 2020
Nissan has released the new Magnite, a small yet roomy SUV that the Japanese carmaker is aiming at those with an urban lifestyle.
Nissan reveals the Re-Leaf emergency vehicle concept
01 Oct 2020
The 100% electric emergency response vehicle concept is designed to provide a mobile power supply following natural disasters or extreme weather events.
Nissan unveils the Z Proto concept
16 Sep 2020
The Nissan Z Proto sports an exterior that combines a retro theme with one that also projects futurism and, yes, it has a manual transmission.
Nissan manufactures the 500,000th Leaf
13 Sep 2020
Nissan celebrates the production of the 500,000th Leaf at its plant in Sunderland, U.K., almost a decade after the model first went on sale.
New video allows you to hear the Nissan Z Proto car
12 Sep 2020
A new video from Nissan allows all to hear the engine note from the Z Proto car for the first time, and confirms the use of a manual transmission for the car.
Nissan set to reveal new Z prototype
04 Sep 2020
The new Nissan Z Proto claims to be the product of 50 years of passion and heritage and is set to be revealed on 16 September 2020.