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Henly Enterprises Co. Pte Ltd - Your trusted motoring partner since 1972
05 May 2016
Since 1972, Henly Enterprises Co. Pte Ltd has been one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry, and its returning customers are testament to that.
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Car Consignment 101: How to sell your car
03 Jul 2015
Want someone to sell your car on your behalf without compromising your asking price? Find out how you can get someone to do the work for you and still get the best price.
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Used car dealer with credit problems may be back
18 Apr 2015
More than a month after reports of its errant activities came to light, used car dealer Cars Today may have resurfaced.
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How to fetch a higher price for your used car when selling it to a dealer
17 Mar 2015
Planning to sell your car to a used car dealer? sgCarMart Quotz helps owners to fetch the best price for their cars without any hassle.
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Used car dealer under fire for credit problems
18 Feb 2015
A second hand car dealer has come under fire for selling cars, which could end up being repossessed, due to recent money problems.
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Used car dealers cry foul over lemon law
02 May 2014
More used car dealers are crying foul over the lemon law, claiming that some are abusing it to demand the replacement of vehicle parts worn down by age.
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Lemon law takes precedence over any type of waived warranty
19 Apr 2014
Judge rules that buyers can still have their faulty item fixed even if they have signed any form of warranty waiver.
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Used car dealer goes to jail over forged letter
29 Nov 2013
A used car dealer was sentenced to four weeks' jail yesterday after he forged a letter to the Land Transport Authority (LTA).
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Number of complaints targeting car dealers went up substantially this year
05 Oct 2013
The number of complaints about car dealers has increased substantially this year, with most of them targeted at used car traders.
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Used car dealers struggling with current MAS loan restrictions
26 Aug 2013
Six months after stringent loan restrictions were imposed on the auto industry, used car industry is struggling, with many downsizing or closing down.
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Overtrade options are available again for car markets
17 Aug 2013
In their bid to ease the high downpayment caused by the loan restrictions, car dealers are back with overtrade options.
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MAS sets up meeting with used car dealers again
03 Aug 2013
After another round of appeals by used car dealers to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), a meeting between the two parties has been set up again.
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Used car dealers sell most of stock as reprieve ends
05 Jun 2013
As the loan reprieve for used cars ended yesterday, most of the stock that could be sold with full loans had been snapped up.
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Hush hush at used car marts before reprieve ends
03 Jun 2013
Over the final weekend before the loan reprieve ends for used car dealers, it was a quiet atmosphere at used car marts as there were fewer deals being done.
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Used car dealers sell most cars in their inventory before deadline ends
25 May 2013
The Straits Times reported that the once excess supply of used-hand cars is diminishing and currently there is a shortage of demand.
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