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Volkswagen unveils Golf Twin Drive plug-in hybrid prototype
28 Jun 2008
Volkswagen has unveiled a Golf Twin Drive in its home-country of Germany.
Comparison - Fiat Bravo Veloce 185 and Volkswagen Golf GT
15 Jun 2008
Last year, the standard Bravo T-Jet turned a whiter shade of pale when compared with Volkswagen's innovative Golf GT. This time, Fiat's resident, all-Italian in-house tuning expert has given the Bravo...
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Volkswagen Working on High-Performance Energy Storage
30 May 2008
Volkswagen Group have entered into a dynamic partnership with Sanyo
Volkswagen rides high at Fleet World Honours 2008
17 May 2008
Volkswagen has won four key awards at the 2008 Fleet World Honours
Volkswagen Golf Pirelli makes a comeback
15 Apr 2008
More accessories for Volkswagen iconic hot hatch!
Volkswagen Golf Estate bags "Most Sensible Car 2008" award
26 Mar 2008
Volkswagen lives up to its reputation as the people's car voted with an award by the people
Volkswagen Golfs All Over The World Tonight, er, Today...
21 Feb 2008
Volkswagen has managed to sell 1.16 million Golfs to customers all over the world in 2007, including the Jetta.
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Car Review - Volkswagen Golf GT 1.4 Sport
31 Jan 2008
The Golf GT Sport features an astounding little engine and excellent handling. But is it overpriced? Some people seem to think so. But for the amount of joy this little car brings while at the same ti...
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This model is no longer being sold by local distributors