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SMRT has imposed a speed restriction on the North-South Line due to rail crack
30 May 2013
Train operator SMRT has imposed a speed restriction of 40km/h on a stretch of the North-South Line that is affected by a rail crack.
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SMRT claims there are similarities between the cracked rail track incidents
21 May 2013
Preliminary investigations by SMRT have revealed two recent occurrences of rail cracks to share three similarities between the incidents.
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Power cables replaced at two additional circle line MRT stations
20 May 2013
Power cables on tracks along two stations at the circle line were replaced yesterday morning without a hitch - despite 10 minutes added travel time.
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Rail crack causes train delay on North-South line
19 May 2013
Delay in train service on North-South Line was caused by the second of similar incidents in two months - a crack on the train track.
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LTA and SMRT accelerating upgrade plan
11 May 2013
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT) are accelerating plans to upgrade older lines.
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Studies on new Cross Island Line to commence
06 May 2013
LTA to start studies for 50km Cross Island Line which runs from Tampines to Jurong - one of the most ambitious projects yet.
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Partial closure of Circle Line for cable replacement works
02 May 2013
SMRT aims to speed up the power cable replacement programme on the Circle Line by temporarily closing stretches of the line on two Sundays later this month.
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North-South Line delays caused by crack on rail
30 Apr 2013
Northbound trains yesterday were delayed and hampered evening rush hour traffic, after a crack was found on the track.
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More trains ordered for Downtown Line
28 Mar 2013
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will order 15 more trains for the upcoming Downtown Line to reduce peak hour waiting time.
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