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BMW delivers one millionth electrified vehicle
08 Dec 2021
The owners of the BMW iX xDrive40 received their car with a BMW Wallbox as well as a credit for public Europe-wide charging with BMW Charging.
BMW's technology flagship, the iX, is now in Singapore
02 Dec 2021
The BMW iX arrives in Singapore, sporting a new, trailblazing design on the outside, and a new operating system within.
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Hennessey plans all-electric six-wheeled hyper grand tourer
01 Dec 2021
The project, codenamed 'Project Deep Space', will also sit four in a diamond configuration and still have space for four sets of golf clubs and luggage.
Refreshed BMW iX3 now in Singapore
26 Nov 2021
The refreshed BMW iX3 gets an updated exterior and new connectivity touches to go alongside its futuristic all-electric drivetrain.
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BMW launches Moving Minds campaign
15 Nov 2021
BMW's 'Moving Minds' campaign will utilise the strong content ideas of social media stars in order to present the iX and i4 to a larger audience.
Acura releases teaser video of the Integra: Six-speed manual confirmed for the car
15 Oct 2021
Acura has released another teaser video of the upcoming Integra premium sport compact, confirming that a six-speed manual will be available for the car.
Six kayakers complete 8,000km adventure through Lapland in the Dacia Duster
29 Sep 2021
The Daica Duster proves is mettle as a family adventure vehicle once more by taking six kayakers through the frozen Lapland in Finland.
COE premiums rise across all categories, Cat B and E reach six-year high
22 Sep 2021
In the second Certificate of Entitlement bidding round for September, COE premiums rose across all private car categories.
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BMW iX3 Legend Edition to be available in Singapore
15 Sep 2021
BMW Singapore is celebrating the film premiere of the iX3 in 'Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings' with the BMW iX3 Legend Edition.
Bugatti adds a pool table into its lifestyle colletion
13 Sep 2021
Built from exquisite carbon fiber, aluminium, titanium and leather, the pool table is built to match the high standards of the hypercar manufacturer.
The BMW iX3 makes its film debut
31 Aug 2021
The BMW iX3 makes its film debut in Marvel Studios' 'Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings', opening globally in cinemas come September 2021.
BMW celebrates seven years of electrification in Singapore
20 Aug 2021
BMW Group Asia is celebrating seven years of electrification in Singapore since the first BMW i3 was launched here in 2014.
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Hark! The new Nissan Z is being offered with a six-speed manual
18 Aug 2021
Retro design and a 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbocharged engine mated to a six-speed manual make their appearance in the new Nissan Z. Yum.
Shell launches carbon-neutral Helix Ultra line in Singapore
16 Aug 2021
The new carbon-neutral lubricants offer consumers a more sustainable option without compromising the performance and protection of the Helix Ultra line.
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BMW refreshes the all-electric iX3 SUV
12 Aug 2021
The BMW iX3 all-electric SUV has undergone an exterior design refresh for a more visually striking exterior appearance.