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Jail for man who knocked victim down
16 Apr 2013
The man who hijacked a taxi at Changi Airport last year has been sentenced to jail after being assessed to be legally sane.
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$17 million budget for greener transport
13 Apr 2013
Four projects costing up to $4.6 million have been spawned so far, including an emission test lab, with more in the works.
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Depreciation to be taken into account when calculating OMV for used cars
14 Mar 2013
MAS has announced it will allow the OMV of used motor vehicles to be adjusted to depreciation to derive appropriate LTV limit.
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LTA is studying if car sharing could be feasible for commuters whom need a car
14 Mar 2013
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is looking at a feasible car sharing option for commuters whom need a car on occasion.
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No revisions for evening and Saturday ERP rates or operations
13 Mar 2013
Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew announced in Parliament that ERP charges during the evenings and Saturdays will remain at the moment.
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Operators to get cash incentives for providing reliable bus services
13 Mar 2013
The Government will be offering cash incentives to bus operators who ensure their buses arrive at bus stops on time.
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$50 million to give buses more priority on the roads
13 Mar 2013
According to Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew, buses will be given even more priority on the roads to improve bus speeds and reliability.
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Commuters may get free or cheaper off-peak morning rides
13 Mar 2013
The government is looking into the possibility of offering free, if not cheaper, rides to commuters who travel earlier to ease peak hour congestion.
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Used car dealers file fresh appeals to MAS on loan restrictions
11 Mar 2013
Used car dealers submit fresh applications to MAS to appeal the new auto loan restrictions as profits plunge with reduced sales across the market.
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New strategies announced for safer roads amidst increasing rule violators
08 Mar 2013
Higher traffic police road presence, increased red light cameras and higher emphasis on road safety programmes are some strategies for safer roads here.
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MAS loan restrictions will not affect the disabled and their caregivers
07 Mar 2013
The new MAS loan restriction imposed last week will not apply to the disabled, DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam announces in his Budget debate wrap-up speech.
Loan curb starts ripple effect on car market
01 Mar 2013
Following the tightened loan rules, used car dealers are starting to reduce prices to attract buyers, while some new car prices have gone up due to tiered ARF.
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Tiered ARF will affect four out of five cars
28 Feb 2013
More than 85 percent of cars sold here in Singapore will be affected by the new tiered ARF scheme, attracting a higher tax amount.
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Is Leasing the way out?
28 Feb 2013
Luxury marques are offering leasing options in response to the loan curb rule, with guaranteed buy back at the end of leasing term.
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MAS to place cap on motor vehicle loans
25 Feb 2013
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will place a cap on motor vehicle loans from tomorrow, 26th February 2013, Tuesday.
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