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Buying used cars is the smarter choice in Singapore. Here's why
22 Jan 2019
Is the 'new car smell' really worth it? Buying a used car may be a better option in many cases these days. Find out why we think so.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team | 69,107 views | Car Buying Advice
High depreciation cars that are totally worth spending for
02 Jan 2019
Cars with high depreciation tend to be a turn off to many. Here are some that might just make it worth your while to purchase despite their high depreciation.
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Buying a car? This is how you can get the best deal
25 Oct 2018
Everyone wants to get the best deal, but it is not as simple as blindly haggling for a lower price. This is how you can get the best deal when buying a car.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Newslink | 24,349 views | Car Buying Advice
Volkswagen digitalises sales for car buying by 2020
19 Oct 2018
Volkswagen fundamentally restructures its sales model by progressive digitalisation, and will be launched in Europe in April 2020.
Tips you need to know when buying a car in Singapore
16 Oct 2018
Buying a car is a major purchase that should not be hastily decided. Learn what to consider before making that decision with these must-know tips.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Newslink | 21,187 views | Car Buying Advice
Is Nissan and Toyota losing their magic in Singapore?
20 Sep 2018
The popularity of Nissan appears to be going on a steady downward trend in Singapore but does that mean that you should avoid buying them altogether?
Clarence Soh, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 16,183 views | Features
10 signs that a secondhand car has been in an accident before
24 Jul 2018
We share with you the 10 telltale signs that a car has been in an accident before, so that you can avoid buying a lemon.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial team, Newslink & Imgur | 186,207 views | Car Buying Advice
Five worst car buyers you will ever meet
19 Jun 2018
Selling your car on your own shouldn't be overly stressful, but that's until you meet some of the worst car buyers around, such as these five types.
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Vehicle sales and transfers will soon be done online to eradicate car scams
30 May 2018
Come July, the Land Transport Authority will require car buyers to go online to complete vehicle sale transactions and transfers.
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Six crucial components to consider before buying a used car
20 Apr 2018
Going for a used car over a new one may be a no-brainer for most. But before you commit to such a big-ticket item, you might want to consider these six things.
Grace Lee, Edited by Anthony Lim. Photos by Anthony Lim, Low Fai Ming & Newslink | 44,691 views | Car Buying Advice
Selling your car can be quicker and simpler than you think
28 Sep 2017
Selling a big-ticket item such as a car can be a tricky and time-consuming process for the unfamiliar but we've found an easy, value-for-money way around it.
Text by Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 14,368 views | Features
Don't make these six awful mistakes when buying your first car
24 Aug 2017
Cars are huge financial commitments and if you're a first-time car buyer, here are six tips to help you avoid turning buying excitement into ownership remorse.
Nigel Yong, Photos by Anthony Lim | 84,124 views | Car Buying Advice
Where to go if you One2Rent or lease a car
10 Aug 2017
Looking to 'own' a car without the need for a hefty downpayment? At One2Rent Cars, all your leasing needs will be well taken care of.
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Here are five benefits of car leasing you may not know about
22 Jun 2017
Need a car but not sure which route to take? Here are five sensible reasons why leasing a car makes more sense than buying a brand new one.
Text by Anthony Lim, Photos by Low Fai Ming & Car Leasing Firms | 20,875 views | Features
Consumer sues over tampered mileage
27 Mar 2017
The car industry remained the top source of complaints to the Consumers Association of Singapore for the fifth year in a row last year.
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