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Lexus Singapore showcases its electrified range at VivoCity
07 Sep 2021
Look out for exclusive discounts on Lexus' electrified range while you shop at VivoCity with the Lexus Electrified Showcase.
Local News | 2,421 views | Lexus News
Volkswagen autonomous ID.Buzz undergoing testing
07 Sep 2021
The autonomous ID.Buzz could see service in Hamburg as soon as 2025, with ride-pooling services to be provided by Volkswagen's mobility service provider.
Facelift - MINI Cooper S Convertible 2.0 (A)
07 Sep 2021
Compromised in many ways, yet exceedingly brilliant in others, the MINI Cooper S Convertible is a refreshing break from the typical premium supermini offerings.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 5,887 views | MINI Reviews
Car crashes are always happening on rainy days! But why?
07 Sep 2021
People always seem to get into accidents in the rain, but why exactly is that so? Since everyone is already driving slower, isn't it supposed to be safer?
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Newslink, Design team | 2,666 views | Miscellaneous Advice
BMW collaborates with Jeff Koons to develop limited edition 8 Series Gran Coupe
06 Sep 2021
The 8 X Jeff Koons will sport an energetic design that pays homage to the sporty 8 Series Gran Coupe's intricate contours and shape.
Mercedes electrifies the G-Class with the Concept EQG
06 Sep 2021
The Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept shows what the future holds for the legendary all-terrain G-Class come electrification.
Production of BMW 2 Series Coupe begins in Mexico
06 Sep 2021
BMW's newest plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, has started the production of the new BMW 2 Series Coupe for the global market.
Nissan is developing a new recycling process for rare-earth compounds from electric motors
06 Sep 2021
Nissan is currently testing a new cycling process that efficiently recovers high-purity rare-earth compounds from electrified vehicle motor magnets.
Lexus unveils the RC F Fuji Speedway Edition
06 Sep 2021
Limited to just 50 units, the RC F Fuji Speedway Edition pays homage to the track where Lexus F began in the foothills of Mount Fuji.
Genesis to go all-electric by 2025
05 Sep 2021
A focus on fuel cell and battery electric vehicles will put Genesis on track to offer only electric vehicles from 2025.
Everrati reveals its electrified Land Rover Series IIA
05 Sep 2021
The use of a 150bhp electric motor ensures that much of the Land Rover's original character has been retained despite the new electric drivetrain.
Volkswagen U.K. unveils the PRID.3 as a symbol of its commitment to diversity and inclusion
05 Sep 2021
The Volkswagen PRID.3 sports the iconic Pride colours, and shades from the Progress Pride flag, symbolising the firm's commitment to diversity and inclusion.
Morgan confirms all new three-wheeled model
04 Sep 2021
Morgan has confirmed that it is developing a new three-wheeled model, set to be powered by a naturally aspirated three-cylinder Ford engine.
Dacia reveals the new Jogger seven-seater
04 Sep 2021
Dacia claims the new Jogger will offer estate car practicality, MPV spaciousness and SUV styling, all combined in one.
The MG5 EV is finally in Singapore (and no, not just as a Strides Taxi)
04 Sep 2021
Third time's the (electric) charm: MG is adding its handsome and well-rounded MG5 EV stationwagon to its duo of SUVs in Singapore.
Local News | 5,241 views | MG News