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BMW gives you the power of choice at the Los Angeles Auto Show
28 Nov 2019
At the Los Angeles Auto Show, BMW officially launched three new models, further expanding its product offensive. We find out more on the decisions to do so.
Idris Talib in Los Angeles, U.S.A | 7,055 views | Features
Here's everything you need to know about the Mercedes-Benz GLB
28 Nov 2019
From its rugged good looks to tech-savvy cabin, here's what you need to know about the all new Mercedes-Benz GLB compact SUV.
Julian Kho from Andalusia, Spain | 7,676 views | Features
Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing delivers a truly hassle-free leasing experience
28 Nov 2019
Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing's entire line of services ensure that businesses no longer need to fret about their transportation needs.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 8,520 views | Features
Mayfair Motoring builds customer confidence by planning for long-term success
26 Nov 2019
With so many dubious dealers out there, Mayfair Motoring buckles the trend with its transparent policies, so its customers can shop with confidence!
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 13,361 views | Features
Here are 10 cars we checked out at the LA Auto Show
23 Nov 2019
From all-electric SUVs to all out performance cars, we check out 10 notable cars that were showcased at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.
Idris Talib in Los Angeles, U.S.A | 8,142 views | Features
Precise Auto Service - the workshop where customers come first
23 Nov 2019
Precise Auto Service is your one-stop workshop for your car's needs, and offers a high level of customer service to ensure peace of mind.
Idris Talib, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 9,684 views | Features
The Dunlop SP Sport LM705 - comfort and quietness in one tyre
22 Nov 2019
Featuring the latest Shinobi technology, the Dunlop SP Sport LM705 is the go-to tyre if you are looking for a quiet and comfortable ride.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 10,868 views | Features
3 friends, over 700km of roads and an A4 - recipe for the best road trip ever?
21 Nov 2019
It would actually be, if my companions on this trip weren't these two blithering idiots. Here's how this seemingly wonderful trip turned out to be.
Goh Zhi Xuan | 9,780 views | Features
Going green with the Audi A4 Sedan
15 Nov 2019
We took close to seven hours to get to Genting Highlands from the border with an Audi A4. Longer than expected? Well, we were being eco...
Julian Kho in Genting Highlands, Malaysia | 11,585 views | Features
We take two BMW M SUVs to the track, because why not
14 Nov 2019
We drive the BMW X3 M and X4 M Competition on the track, proving that BMW knows a thing or two on how to make a fast SUV.
Idris Talib in Johannesburg, South Africa | 6,744 views | Features
Bridgestone RE-71R: Everyday tyres for the track
12 Nov 2019
Bridgestone RE-71R tyres aren't just suitable tyres for the road, they're made perfect for the track. What's not to like?
Julian Kho, Photos by Goh Zhi Xuan, Teck Guan | 8,169 views | Features
Toyota has an army of machines that are future proof
04 Nov 2019
Toyota is steadily shifting from being a traditional car company to a mobility corporation. Will it succeed? We find out...
Julian Kho in Tokyo, Japan | 11,254 views | Features
South Africa and their love for all things BMW
31 Oct 2019
The South African BMW M Festival isn't just a big car show, it is a celebration for the country's love for everything BMW.
Idris Talib in Johannesburg, South Africa | 10,393 views | Features
Skodas in service - Charity Bike 'n' Blade 2019
31 Oct 2019
In the second year of supporting the Charity Bike 'n' Blade cycling event, we got a chance to ride with Skoda to find out how effective its cars are.
Idris Talib in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia | 10,408 views | Features
Our all time favourites at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show
28 Oct 2019
We clock over 30,000 steps just to see our all time favourites at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. Was it worth it? You bet...
Julian Kho in Tokyo, Japan | 11,964 views | Features