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Here are some of the sexiest sedans you can still own in Singapore now
08 Aug 2022
Cars need not be new to be sexy. Here are some of the sexiest sedans you can get in Singapore right now and, yes, the price to pay for sexy isn't low.
Julian Kho | 8,024 views | Features
Can't find these high-performance models? Check out these alternatives
05 Aug 2022
If you're having a hard time finding these used cars that petrolheads like, perhaps it's time to consider these alternative options instead.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 9,864 views | Car Buying Advice
A more affordable i4 eDrive35 has joined the i4 range
04 Aug 2022
The new base model of the i4 range will get a single electric motor producing 277bhp and 400Nm of torque, and will deliver a 420km range.
BMW reveals new development site used to test autonomous driving in Sokolov
01 Aug 2022
BMW's new testing grounds helps the company develop scenarios for new assistance systems for autonomous driving with test runs on a six kilometre circuit.
BMW premieres iX1 at Tomorrowland electronic music festival in Belgium
31 Jul 2022
BMW pushes its musical marketing strategy with the all new purely electric BMW iX1 reveal at Tomorrowland with DJ Steve Aoki.
BMW M Motorsports makes a comeback to Le Mans with their BMW M Hybrid V8 race car
28 Jul 2022
Remember the legendary BMW V12 LMR that raced at Le Mans? It now has a successor in the form of the BMW M Hybrid V8 that marks BMW's return to Le Mans.
The BMW Motorrad GS Challenge Singapore 2022 puts 23 riders to the test
25 Jul 2022
BMW Motorrad hosted the GS Challenge Singapore 2022 in Johor Bahru to give 23 enthusiastic participants a chance to test their off-road skills.
Local News | 2,089 views | BMW News
BMW M3 Touring owners can now individualise their cars with BMW M Performance Parts
23 Jul 2022
Ever thought that the new M3 Touring doesn't look special enough? Now M Performance Parts is here to help to help owners individualise their cars.
Iconic vintage cars available in Singapore that are worth investing in... and keeping
22 Jul 2022
Everything vintage seems worth investing in these days, and cars are no exception. Here are some iconic vintage cars that are worth investing in and keeping.
Julian Kho, Photos by Manufacturers, Wikimedia Commons | 7,140 views | Features
BMW M4 Competition Convertible arrives in Singapore
21 Jul 2022
The 503bhp BMW M4 Competition Convertible arrives in Singapore just as we are being told to expect more days of hot and sunny weather.
Here are some of the best three-cylinder cars you can buy in Singapore right now!
20 Jul 2022
The advancement of technology has allowed cars to run smoothly and efficiently with just three cylinders. Here are some of the best three-pot cars you can have.
Julian Kho, Photos by Manufacturer | 9,282 views | Features
Fast four-doors: High-performance sedans to consider
20 Jul 2022
Keen drivers love hot hatches and sporty coupes. But if you want to be 'traditional', here are some high-performance sedans we think are worth considering.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team, Maserati | 12,726 views | Car Buying Advice
Comparison - Mercedes-Benz CLA180 & BMW 216i Gran Coupe
19 Jul 2022
The CLA180 is a feast for the eyes and offers more passenger room. But the 216i GC, with its polished performance, is the entry-level 'four-door coupe' to beat.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 17,947 views | BMW Reviews
BMW launches the first-ever electric M in Singapore at the BMW Experience Days 2022
15 Jul 2022
The BMW i4 M50, the first-ever electric M car, has been officially launched in Singapore at the 50th anniversary of BMW M celebrations.
Local News | 9,015 views | BMW News
Seven hard to find current car models that enthusiasts like
14 Jul 2022
There are many pre-owned cars available, but certain models preferred by petrolheads are hard to come by. Here are several examples.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 16,248 views | Features