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CEVS changes to punish cars with more carbon emissions
24 Feb 2015
Changes to the Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme should encourage the drive towards more environmentally sound vehicles.
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LTA gathering feedback on CEVS scheme
11 Oct 2014
The CEVS scheme, which rewards or penalises motorists based on a car's carbon emissions is being reviewed by the LTA to be more effective for motorists.
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CEVS scheme has cost the Government more than $155 million in taxes
06 Aug 2014
Number of cars that qualify for the CEVS scheme - to promote green cars - has expanded to three times than the initial projected number.
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Renault delivers its promise to cut carbon footprint by 10 percent
10 Jun 2014
Renault made a public commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by 10 percent between 2010 and 2013, and has met its objective.
Renault group is the number one in Europe for low carbon emissions
20 Mar 2014
The Renault Group has become the European leader in terms of low CO2 emissions and the first automotive group to achieve less than 115g of CO2/km.
Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS) surcharge starts today
01 Jul 2013
New cars, taxis and newly imported used cars with high carbon emissions will incur a surcharge under the CEVS scheme starting today.
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New Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS) kicking in from January 2013
31 Dec 2012
The new Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle Scheme(CEVS) will kick in starting January 2013. What exactly is it all about?
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LTA takes over FELS scheme and announces three new initiatives
20 Jun 2012
LTA aims to help car buyers be more conscious of carbon emissions and fuel efficiency by introducing three measures for accessibility of information.
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Michelin tyres substantially reduced carbon emissions
21 Mar 2009
Michelin presented PSA Peugeot Citroen with the 1,000,000th Michelin Energy Saver tyre, thereby reaffirming the strategic partnership between the two groups.
Fiat's new camshaft technology promises more power for less fuel
09 Mar 2009
A new camshaft design which can adjust valve timings might pave the way for even better power with less fuel consumed.
Jaguar sales up in 2008 despite economic gloom
09 Jan 2009
Jaguar finished 2008 with more than 65,000 cars sold - an increase of 8 percent over 2007, They're also one of a few automotive brands to report a year-on-year sales increase!
EU might delay stringent 120 g/km regulation
06 Nov 2008
The European Union is ready to abandon its long-established goal of cutting carbon dioxide limits for new vehicles to 120g/km by 2012.