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17 people hurt in three-vehicle accident on AYE
24 Jun 2016
At least 17 people were hurt in an accident involving two lorries and a bus on the Ayer Rajah Expressway yesterday morning.
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Lorry driver held over collapse of walkway shelter
18 Jun 2016
A walkway shelter at an open-air carpark collapsed and crushed a car yesterday after being hit by a lorry, and investigations are ongoing.
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Police probing hit-and-run incident on AYE
18 Jun 2016
A car was filmed deliberately knocking down motorcyclist on AYE, and the police are probing the hit-and-run incident.
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Husband arrested for causing death by rash act; wife killed, two sons hurt
15 Jun 2016
A car crash early yesterday morning killed the 33-year old mother of a family of four, and injured her husband and two children.
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Woman dies after being hit by speeding car
09 Jun 2016
Student was on way to help at Ramadan bazaar in Jurong, when she was hit by a speeding car; the Mercedes driver has been arrested.
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Singapore cars entering Johor now need entry permit
02 Jun 2016
Malaysia began implementing its Vehicle Entry Permit system on Singapore-registered cars yesterday, with a test run being conducted until July 15th.
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Traffic congestion along Braddell Road after car mounts centre divider
19 Apr 2016
Traffic along Braddell Road was brought to a halt after a car mounted the centre divider early this morning, but authorities have yet to determine the cause.
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Number of heavy vehicle accidents disturbing: TP chief
19 Apr 2016
During a road safety seminar on heavy vehicles, Traffic Police Commander Sam Tee described the rising number of heavy vehicle accidents as disturbing.
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Stretch of SLE towards BKE closed after cement mixer truck overturns
18 Apr 2016
A stretch of the SLE towards BKE, after the Upper THompson Road exit, has been closed following an accident causing a cement mixer truck to overturn.
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Staff to be held accountable if human lapses caused fatal track accident
13 Apr 2016
Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said that if the ongoing investigations into the fatal track accident reveal human errors, staff will be held accountable.
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Seven injured in multi-vehicle accident following police chase
11 Apr 2016
A chase involving an errant driver and a police car resulted in a serious accident on Sunday morning, leaving seven injured.
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28 injured in accident between bus and tipper truck on MCE
30 Mar 2016
An accident between a private bus and a tipper truck in the Marina Coastal Expressway tunnel yesterday evening resulted in 28 casualties.
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New road to ease travel between Punggol and Pasir Ris towns
27 Mar 2016
A new road linking Punggol and Pasir Ris will allow residents to travel directly between the two towns, bypassing the need to go onto Tampines Expressway.
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Two SMRT staff undergoing on-job training killed in accident
22 Mar 2016
Two SMRT staff were undergoing on-the-job training when they were killed in an accident on the East-West Line on Tuesday (March 22nd) morning.
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Increase in number of cyclists killed or hurt in accidents
16 Mar 2016
The number of cyclists hurt or killed in traffic accidents has been rising, with experts pointing to more users and the lack of education and infrastructure.
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