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New car buying experience with Volkswagen Singapore
06 Dec 2014
Buyers looking for Cat B Volkswagen cars will now have more personal attention at Volkswagen Exclusive - the first car showroom of its kind in Southeast Asia.
Local News | 6,612 views | Volkswagen News
Rolling out new deals to entice vehicle buyers
29 May 2013
In a bid to woo more buyers, automotive companies are getting creative and are rolling out new deals to counter the cooling measures.
Local News | 6,987 views | Other News
Car buying in Singapore - What you are actually paying for
12 Mar 2013
Unclear about how cars are priced in Singapore? Let's look at some of the factors that contribute to the purchase of a car.
Text by Editorial Team | 161,320 views | Car Buying Advice
Showroom crowd before loan curb takes effect
26 Feb 2013
Car showrooms remained open till late last night for 'last minute' shoppers before the loan curb takes effect today.
If you are planning on buying a diesel car, refrain from filling up in Malaysia
16 Jan 2013
Car owners enticed by lower diesel prices in Malaysia do take note - The diesel fuel offered between the two countries are of different grades.
Local News | 10,676 views | Other News
Does buying a used car mean you're protected by Lemon Law?
08 Nov 2012
Lemon Law was passed in parliament and took effect in 2012. The law covers second hand cars as well but by how much? You will be surprised.
Text by Akram Saheed, Photos by Julian Kho | 117,522 views | Car Buying Advice
Is the Volkswagen up! worth buying?
06 Nov 2012
Julian reckons the Volkswagen up! is the best city car ever produced by any carmakers, although he reckons the nameplate could do without the exclamation mark.
Julian Kho in Wolfsburg, Germany | 13,767 views | Features
Used car buying guide - Where to purchase a used car?
27 Dec 2011
Used car dealers, auctions, self-import as well as direct owners are some of the options you could consider to get your used car.
Julian Kho | 47,990 views | Car Buying Advice
Used car buying guide - What to look out for when viewing a used car
11 Oct 2011
Buying a used car can be a daunting task, especially if you're a first-time buyer. Here are some points to take note of when viewing a used car.
Julian Kho & Jegan Das Haridas | 103,580 views | Car Buying Advice
Tips for buying cars from parallel importers
25 Dec 2009
So you've decided to buy your dream ride from a parallel importer? How do you avoid being scammed while still reaping the huge cash savings? Read on to find out.
Text & Photos by Benjamin G. Kline | 71,022 views | Car Buying Advice
Fancy buying the original Impreza World Rally Car?
24 Feb 2009
If you’ve got spare cash and a love for Subaru’s WRC cars, here’s your chance to own one of them. And we’re not talking die-cast models, mind you.
Porsche closer to buying Volkswagen
15 Jul 2008
Porsche will increase its stake in Volkswagen from 30.6% to 35.5% effective September 2nd.
Buying used car: Used car dealers vs owners
13 Sep 2007
Looking to purchase a used car? Which is a better choice - Used car dealers or direct owners? We list down the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Text and photos by Sylvia Tee | 81,142 views | Car Buying Advice
New car buying guide for first time buyers
13 Sep 2007
Looking for your first car but do not know what to do or expect? Find out more here to make your buying experience a positive one.
Text and photos by Amery Reuben | 144,996 views | Car Buying Advice
Advantages of buying a used car
01 Sep 2007
What are some of the advantages when buying a used car?
Text and photos by Jegan Das Haridas | 48,800 views | Car Buying Advice