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Lexus Hybrids - Luxury and Efficiency in perfect combination
29 Apr 2011
Lexus now has a range of hybrid luxury cars for those who are environmentally-conscious, but refuse to compromise on comfort and luxury
Text by Ben Chia, Photos by Julian Kho & Siddiq | 11,365 views | Features
Yun Nam Hair Care - The trusted brand for hair treatment
11 Apr 2011
It is consumers' number one recommended hair treatment brand in Singapore and Malaysia that integrates traditional herbs and Western technology to counter hair and scalp problems
Text by Julian Kho & Yun Nam, Photos by Siddiq | 8,012 views | Features
sgCarMart's Cars of the Year 2010
10 Feb 2011
Remember all the vibe from last year's sgCarMart's Cars of the Year contest? Let's take a leap back in time and recap the entire progress as we do a "post-mortem" of the competition.
10,437 views | Features
Zero emissions
08 Nov 2010
Mercedes-Benz BlueEFFICIENCY technologies goes far beyond just improving the efficiency of normal petrol driven vehicles. It has an even greater and tougher goal to achieve. Zero emissions. In this ar...
Photos by Mercedes-Benz, Text by Benjamin G. Kline | 2,650 views | Features
Engines of the future
01 Nov 2010
The Internal Combustion Engine has been the backbone to modern civilisation for the last century. We take a look at how one of the most important inventions of our time has been modernised for the fut...
Photos by Mercedes-Benz, Text by Benjamin G. Kline | 3,659 views | Features
BlueEFFICIENCY technology
25 Oct 2010
While technologies like hydrogen fuel cell are yet to reach mass market maturity, manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz look to maximise the efficiency of their current models for a smaller carbon footprin...
Text by Benjamin G. Kline | 15,408 views | Features
GPS: God's gift to those who lack direction
15 Oct 2010
The advent of GPS technology has made driving a more enjoyable experience now that we're freed from the anxiety of getting lost on unfamiliar roads.
Text by Benjamin G. Kline | 3,238 views | Features
Results for Car of the Year 2009
30 Dec 2009
After more than two weeks and with a total of 1,697 votes cast, the results are in and the winners have been decided!
13,469 views | Features
sgCarMart's Car of the Year 2009
15 Dec 2009
With 2009 winding down, it’s time once again for us to take a step back and recap on the eventful year for the industries of the world, in particular the automotive industry.
11,985 views | Features
Pinnacle Motors - to the top
09 Nov 2009
Pinnacle Motors has been improving the public’s perception of Parallel Importers since they started in 1996. This company born from humble beginnings has grown into one of Singapore’s most...
ADVERTORIAL | 4,976 views | Features
Ever wondered where those projector lamps go after Formula 1's night race?
07 Jun 2009
Once a year, a particular warehouse within the Tampines industrial area comes to life almost 24 hours a day, in preparation for arguably one of the biggest events Singapore has hosted in recent times.
5,592 views | Features
Nissan drivers race against Nissan race car driver in fuel efficiency drive
30 May 2009
The inaugural Nissan Fuel Frugal Challenge on May 23 saw a total of 60 participants in 30 Nissan Latio and Latio Sport cars pitting against Japan's Nissan Race Car Driver Tsugio Matsuda not on speed, ...
6,196 views | Features
Limited edition Lexus GS Passionate Black Series in Singapore
18 May 2009
Borneo Motors has brought in 50 limited edition GS models to be sold here.
4,732 views | Features
Michelin launches new Primacy LC tyre
08 Apr 2009
Michelin launched its new Primacy LC tyre and the French tyremaker aims for this tyre to be the region's best seller.
8,588 views | Features
Shell launches fuel economy campaign
07 Apr 2009
Shell's latest consumer survey highlights that three times as many Singapore drivers are now conscious about their fuel economy
4,308 views | Features