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Cars here are invariably depreciating assets - but do we regain some ground when COE premiums skyrocket?
05 Mar 2022
With the COE climate echoing what we saw back in the early 2010s, is it true that we now stand to gain a profit from our existing cars? Here's an attempt to look at things more realistically.
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Recommended workshops that offer pre-purchase inspection for used cars
27 Dec 2021
A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is not mandatory but worth the money at the end of the day. Here are some workshops that specialise in specific brands.
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12 recommended car consignment agents in Singapore
29 Mar 2021
Are you searching for a reliable consignment agent? Here's a list of consignment agents that can help you sell your car at the price you want with no hassle.
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6 simple things you can do to sell your car for the highest price
03 Feb 2021
Want to sell your car for the highest price? Get the most out of your car with these six simple tips. The best part? You can get started on them today!
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Why you should sell your car by consignment
12 Jan 2021
Thinking of selling your car? Consigning your car might just be the best option for you. Read on to find out how to get the best selling price for your car.
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Understanding COE prices and using it to sell your car for a profit
24 Dec 2020
Thinking of selling your car? Taking note of current COE prices can help you maximise your profits when you decide to sell your car.
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Rule of 78 for car loans: Everything you need to know
01 Jul 2020
Looking to sell your current car or swap it for something else? sgCarMart has a handy guide on all you might need to know about the 'Rule of 78'!
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Tips to get the best price when selling your car to used car dealers!
02 Jun 2020
Trading in your car or selling it to used car dealers? Here are some tips to find out what your car is worth and sell your car for the best price!
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Owners of 2014 to 2016 cars, its prime time to switch to a brand new ride!
26 Mar 2019
COE prices during 2014 to 2016 were exorbitant and if you own a car from then, it might be the wiser choice to switch that out to a brand new ride. Find out why.
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5 tips to sell your used car at a better price
14 Feb 2019
Want to sell your car for more? Here are 5 key things car buyers look out for before offering you a higher bid for your car.
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The cheat sheet to getting your car sold within 48 hours
24 Jan 2019
Anyone can put a car up for sale, but not all of us know how to create an effective listing. Let's find out what are the pointers to take note of.
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Selling your car: Avoid these mistakes when selling to a dealer
24 Oct 2018
Selling your car to a dealer saves you time and the hassle of paperwork, but it may come with certain drawbacks. Find out what the pitfalls are and avoid them.
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Why selling your car in Singapore is an annoying experience
18 Oct 2018
How difficult can selling your car in Singapore be? It's just a simple exchange of cash for car right? Let's find out just how frustrating it can be.
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Car selling options: A 102 guide
02 Dec 2016
The sale of a car can be quite a nightmare, but don't worry, here's an updated guide on how to make your sale experience more financially sensible.
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How to get dealers to buy your car at high price
24 Nov 2016
Selling to dealers is easy, but getting the best price is not. Here's how you can fetch the highest price for your car.
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