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Five in-car entertainment myths you shouldn't believe
06 Aug 2018
If you're thinking of upgrading your in-car entertainment set-up, here are five audio myths you shouldn't fall victim to.
Nigel Yong | 30,280 views | Car Technical Advice
Eight of the most useless 'performance' mods you can get
06 Jun 2018
Many car mods claim to increase your horsepower and make you the next Brian O'Conner, but how do you know which ones are legit? Here are eight you shouldn't get.
Anthony Lim, Photos by Low Fai Ming & Sebastian Chia | 105,024 views | Car Technical Advice
Turbochargers and force induction
11 Mar 2015
Automotive turbos have been widely used in production cars since more than four decades ago. Find out how turbocharging technologies have evolved.
Text by Shreejit Changaroth, Edited by Nicholas Low | 58,396 views | Car Technical Advice
'Electrifying' sports cars
03 Mar 2015
Engineers and enthusiasts alike will be satisfied with the 'current' crop of battery-powered sports cars. Will they replace conventional petrol-driven ones?
Text by Shreejit Changaroth, Edited by Nicholas Low | 28,623 views | Car Technical Advice
Automotive Transmissions 101
24 Feb 2015
Automatic gearboxes may be more popular as compared to manual ones, but there is plenty of 'life' left in the conventional type of transmission.
Text by Shreejit Changaroth, Edited by Nicholas Low | 28,970 views | Car Technical Advice
The rules of automotive aerodynamics
30 Dec 2014
By bending the rules of aerodynamics, automakers can create low-drag cars that slice through the air, which in turn help improves efficiency.
Text by Shreejit Changaroth | 10,583 views | Car Technical Advice
Automotive heatshield - What are they good for?
22 Oct 2012
Like most car care products, automotive heatshields can be found everywhere. But which is the trusted brand to go for?
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Whitesnail | 27,014 views | Car Technical Advice
Big brake kits - Where can you get a reliable set?
11 Oct 2012
When it comes to driving, it isn't all just about the right pedal. Brakes do play a vital role too, especially in a jammed packed island like ours.
Text by Julian Kho, Photos by Dynamics Mechanic | 38,043 views | Car Technical Advice
Power Box - Giving drivers real power and real gains
25 Sep 2012
There are ample power boxes in the market that claim to enhance your car's power and torque delivery. But is that really true? We take a look at some of them.
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Julian Kho | 37,670 views | Car Technical Advice
Car tyres - Understand the different designs
07 Mar 2012
Understanding the characteristics of different tyres can help you to find one that is more suitable to your driving style and needs.
Text & Photos by Tyrepac | 37,574 views | Car Technical Advice
Air intake filtering system - How can it improve your car's performance?
29 Aug 2011
After touching on a couple of different air intake filtering systems on our advice section, which one do we reckon is the cream of the crop?
Text by Julian Kho. Photos by Blue Knight Trading | 45,411 views | Car Technical Advice
Engine performance enhancement products - What are they?
04 Aug 2011
There are tonnes of products in the market that claim to enhance your engine's performance and reduce fuel consumption. We take a look at some of them.
Text by Ben Chia | 39,798 views | Car Technical Advice
Twin Turbos - Is two better than one?
18 Jul 2011
Turbocharged cars have always been heralded for the explosive power they muster. We find out if twin turbos are the way to go.
Text & Photos by Benjamin G. Kline | 39,820 views | Car Technical Advice
Car exhaust - Choosing the right brand
21 Apr 2011
Some car owners replace their stock exhaust with loud and noisy aftermarket versions. But is it worth it?
Text by Richie Setiawan | 39,467 views | Car Technical Advice
HID head lights - A better understanding of it
08 Mar 2011
Automobile OEM manufacturers are offering HID head lights for a better vision of the road. Should you take part in the world of Xenon as well?
Text by Richie Setiawan | 41,934 views | Car Technical Advice