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Petrol stations: Does it matter which one you go to?
01 Dec 2020
Is there a big difference in which petrol station you choose to go to here in Singapore? We find out if they're the same.
Idris Talib, Photos from Editorial Team, Newslink | 58,243 views | Car Ownership Advice
Are diesel cars harder to maintain than petrol cars?
01 Dec 2020
Diesel cars offer better fuel mileage, but are they harder to maintain compared to their petrol-driven counterparts? We dig deeper to find out.
Idris Talib, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 20,480 views | Car Buying Advice
Latest petrol prices in Singapore - Compare prices across all companies here
07 Jul 2020
Looking for the lowest petrol prices before heading to the pumps? We track the prices offered by the various petrol stations here!
Clarence Seow, Photos by Newslink | 165,760 views | Car Ownership Advice
2021 guide to the best petrol discount credit cards
29 May 2020
Applying for a new credit card and wondering about petrol discounts? Here's your 2021 guide to the best credit card for discounts at each petrol station.
Desmond Chan, Table by BD and Design Teams | 29,582 views | Car Ownership Advice
COE Renewal? Here are the 5 key things you should take note of
12 Feb 2020
In recent years, we've seen more and more drivers opting for COE renewal. If you are planning to do so, here are 5 key things you should take note of.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 31,514 views | Car Ownership Advice
What other rewards can you redeem with your petrol points?
24 May 2018
Besides rice cookers and hair dryers, what other rewards can you redeem with the petrol points you've accumulated over the years?
Anthony Lim | 52,136 views | Car Ownership Advice
Unlock special petrol discounts at SPC with these Credit Cards
16 May 2018
If you're looking for a credit card with the highest discount at SPC petrol stations then simply check out this review.
Raphael Lim, Photos by SPC Singapore | 99,858 views | Car Ownership Advice
The best credit cards for petrol discounts
19 Dec 2016
We suss out the four best credit cards that will get you the most discount on petrol at each of the four different petrol stations in Singapore.
Desmond Chan, Table by Design Team | 173,836 views | Car Ownership Advice