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COE, vehicle tax revenue shrinks for FY2019
18 Feb 2020
Revenue from certificates of entitlement and vehicle registration taxes for the financial year will shrink by $1.1 billion.
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SBS Transit posts 1.5% profit rise for 2019 but warns of rising costs
14 Feb 2020
SBS Transit reported higher revenue and profit for 2019, but also warns of rising costs, especially in the operations and maintenance of its rail business.
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Get your car mats customised to perfection at Matters Custom
05 Feb 2020
With custom fitting and high quality materials, Matters Custom is a top-notch outfit that produces the best car mats for your rides.
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Porsche Asia Pacific concludes 2019 with a 41% increase in total deliveries
31 Jan 2020
Porsche Asia Pacific has concluded 2019 with total sales reaching 3,025 vehicles, making it one of the fastest growing regions in the world for Porsche.
Seat's Martorell plant produced over 500,000 vehicles in 2019
29 Jan 2020
Seat's Martorell plant ended 2019 with its highest production volume since 2000, with output totalling 500,005 cars.
Skoda delivers more than a million vehicles for sixth consecutive year
24 Jan 2020
With increased deliveries in Europe and Russia, Skoda ended 2019 delivering more than one million vehicles for the sixth year in a row.
Thinkware brings connected technology to the world of dash cams
22 Jan 2020
Thinkware, local distributor of dashcams, is leading the charge for a technological revolution with its lineup of innovative and connected products.
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Car Lite brings car sharing convenience right to your doorstep
18 Jan 2020
Whether you're looking for hourly or daily rentals, Car Lite's suite of convenient and flexible rental options is here to solve your motoring woes!
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Lamborghini achieves historic sales record for 2019
17 Jan 2020
With 8,205 cars delivered to customers around the world in 2019, the Italian super sports car brand has set another historic sales record.
A truly trouble-free car leasing experience with CL Leasing
16 Jan 2020
CL Leasing handles the difficulties of maintaining a car for you, so you can enjoy a truly worry-free leasing experience!
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All-time high for BMW group deliveries in 2019
14 Jan 2020
The BMW Group reported its ninth consecutive record year in 2019, with a total of 2,520,307 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles delivered to customers worldwide.
Mercedes-Benz increases unit sales for ninth consecutive year
10 Jan 2020
Mercedes-Benz delivered 2,339,562 cars last year, achieving the highest annual sales volume in the company's history.
New models helped to drive Bentley's sales in 2019
10 Jan 2020
2019 saw Bentley's sales rise by 5%, as a raft of exciting new models helped to entice a growing number of customers around the world.
Rolls-Royce achieves a historic sales result for 2019
08 Jan 2020
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has delivered an historic annual sales record in 2019, with a global performance unseen in the company's 116-year history.
Proton ends 2019 with 100,821 units sold
04 Jan 2020
Total sales for the national carmaker closed at 100,821 units for 2019, marking the first time it has crossed the 100,000 unit threshold since 2015.