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Polestar dropped its emissions per car by 6% in 2021
18 May 2022
The firm states that efforts to raise efficiency, along with the use of renewable energy, has helped to bring down its greenhouse emissions per car in 2021.
Subaru helped 36,000 pets find homes in 2021
25 Mar 2022
Subaru of America has announced that it has helped 36,000 shelter pets find homes across as part of its Subaru Loves Pets month campaign in the U.S.A.
Bentley posts its financial performance for 2021
21 Mar 2022
Bentley saw average revenue per luxury car rising by 8% in 2021 thanks to a model dominated by Speed, Mulliner and Hybrid models.
Lamborghini reports successful finances for 2021
19 Mar 2022
Lamborghini has announced that 2021 was a successful year for its finances, adding to its already successful sales volumes.
The BMW Group meets fleet emissions targets for 2021
15 Mar 2022
Increased sales of electrified vehicles, and increased efficiency from conventional drivetrains have seen the firm's emissions drop 14% compared to 2020.
Tesla's Model 3 was Singapore's best-selling EV for 2021, but which other cars are electrifying the sales charts globally?
22 Feb 2022
As the shift to EVs intensifies, everyone - from luxury carmakers, to more budget-oriented marques - is racing to win the hearts and minds of drivers.
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As social restrictions eased, fatal road accidents in Singapore also increased in 2021
15 Feb 2022
Nonetheless, excluding the outlier-year of 2020 when restrictions were at their peak, the general situation on our roads appears to be improving just slightly.
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Audi sees strong demand for electric vehicles through 2021
21 Jan 2022
Even with global deliveries in 2021 slipping due to the chip shortage, the firm saw total sales of its electric vehicles rising by a sizable 57.5%.
A different list: Toyota is still Singapore's king, but a new name is rising
19 Jan 2022
Even when looking at new car registrations on the whole, Toyota was indisputably supreme in 2021. However, a fresh face has also darted into the Top 10...
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BMW took sales lead amongst premium marques in 2021
18 Jan 2022
With a new all-time high of 2,213,795 units sold in 2021, BMW has taken the lead for global sales in the premium segment.
Volkswagen sees global sales hit by semiconductor shortage in 2021
18 Jan 2022
Volkswagen saw its global sales slip 8% in 2021 thanks to interruptions in production owing to the global semiconductor shortage.
MINI Electric emerges as firm's most popular model variant for 2021
18 Jan 2022
Total sales of electrified models from MINI grew by 64% in 2021, thanks to the success of the MINI Electric and Countryman plug-in hybrid.
Polestar posts 185% sales growth for 2021
15 Jan 2022
Increased global presence in a variety of new markets has aided the firm's spectacular 185% sales growth in 2021, with more yet to come.
Porsche hits new record for deliveries in 2021
14 Jan 2022
With 301,915 vehicles delivered to customers worldwide in 2021, Porsche not only saw an 11% sales growth, but also achieved the strongest result in its history.
Lamborghini posts all-time sales record for 2021
13 Jan 2022
Continues demand for the Urus and Huracan saw Lamborghini delivering 8,405 cars worldwide, an all-time sales record for the firm.