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Peugeot is now selling 3D printed cupholders for your 3008
27 Mar 2022
Peugeot has launched a line of 3D printed accessories made from a durable and elastic polyurethane so you can spice up your 3008.
Porsche launches sales of its 3D-printed full bucket seat
10 Nov 2021
The use of 3D-printing means the seat will not emit any adhesive related emissions, and customers can choose between three rigidity grades for their seat.
Ford develops 3D printed wheel nuts to deter wheel thieves
01 Feb 2020
Ford's engineers have harnessed 3D printing technology to develop the next-generation of locking wheel nuts aimed at deterring wheel thieves.
Jaguar Land Rover develops 3D-printed glove
26 Sep 2019
Engineers at Jaguar Land Rover design a unique 3D-printed glove featuring an innovative lattice structure developed to protect employees working on the line.
Ken Block's 'Hoonitruck' uses a 3D-printed intake manifold
04 Feb 2019
The 'Hoonitruck' has the same twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 engine as the Ford GT and the largest 3D metal-printed part for a working vehicle in automotive history.
MINI to launch unique 3D-printed personalisation upgrades
29 Dec 2017
An innovative new range, MINI Yours Customised, will enable customers to take personalisation of their vehicle to a new level using the latest technology.
Honda and Kabuku unveil 3D printed Micro Commuter at CEATEC
14 Oct 2016
Honda has unveiled a short range Micro Commuter electric vehicle for use by Japanese confectionary maker - Toshimaya - in collaboration with Kabuku at CEATEC.
3D-printed car to represent Singapore in Shell Eco-marathon Asia
03 Feb 2015
Two eco-friendly cars, one of which is the first in Singapore to be made using 3D-printed parts, were unveiled yesterday by Nanyang Technological University.
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