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Ultimate Guide to Car Insurance in Singapore (2021)
Here's all you need to know to find the best insurance for your car: we help you understand the types of coverage, terms like NCD & excess, how they affect your premiums and more.
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Top five car accident spots in Singapore
23 Oct 2020
Here are some roads that you should exercise due care when you're driving, as they are one of the most car accident-prone areas in Singapore.
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Woman killed in traffic accident at Pioneer Road North
13 Jan 2017
A woman was killed after a private bus ran into her bicycle and several other vehicles at Pioneer Road North on Thursday, 12th January evening.
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Motorcyclist dies after being run over by container truck at Jalan Buroh
25 Nov 2016
Another fatal accident has taken place around the West Coast Highway area, this time involving a motorcyclist and a container truck.
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