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Pay-to-ride driverless buses begin operations in two areas of Singapore
27 Jan 2021
Driverless buses are now ferrying paying passengers at Science Park 2 and on Jurong Island, with a round trip costing $0.40 and $2 respectively.
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Top five car accident spots in Singapore
23 Oct 2020
Here are some roads that you should exercise due care when you're driving, as they are one of the most car accident-prone areas in Singapore.
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5 valid reasons to buy a car in Singapore despite the insane prices
20 May 2020
Still on the fence about getting a car? Here are some reasons why Singaporeans buy cars despite the price. If you can relate to them, maybe you should get one.
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Audi develops in-house 3D printing software
27 Feb 2020
The in-house team of 3D printing specialists at Audi's Bollinger Hofe site is developing design software that will aid production of the e-tron GT.
Cyclists and PMD users concerned over ban in common areas
16 Sep 2019
Cyclists and PMD users are expressing concern over a ban on the use of bicycles and PMDs in common properties in HDB estates.
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Moov refurbishes ofo bikes, starts service in the west
04 Jul 2019
Home-grown mobility start-up Moov Technology bought ofo bikes and adapted the locks to Moov's system, starts bike-sharing services in the west.
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Top 5 Parallel Importers in Central Singapore
01 Jul 2019
There are many Parallel Importers here, if you are having a hard time deciding which to check out, no worries. Here are 5 top PIs located in the Central area.
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SBS Transit to offer free Wi-Fi on buses plying Bukit Merah area from February
14 Nov 2018
About 300 buses, which serve the 18 routes that are part of the Bukit Merah Bus Package run by SBS Transit, will have the free service.
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Road closures in Tanglin area for historic U.S.A-North Korea summit
08 Jun 2018
Motorists and commuters will be affected by road closures and security checks in the Tanglin area and on Sentosa leading up to the U.S.A-North Korea Summit.
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New app can direct cabbies to areas of high demand
27 Feb 2018
The Singapore Management University is developing a taxi guidance system, which uses historical and real-time data, to direct cabbies to high demand areas.
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Towing services kept busy in Monday's floods
10 Jan 2018
Towing services have been kept busy by the flash floods that occurred on Monday morning in the eastern parts of Singapore.
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Moonlighting or not? 'Social carpooling' still a grey area
31 Aug 2017
The Public Service Division (PSD) has said that civil servants need to declare additional trade or work that draws income, including carpooling.
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Sentosa Gateway Tunnel to ease congestion in area
26 Jan 2017
The Sentosa Gateway Tunnel could open as early as April after delays in construction, allowing travel time to be cut by up to half.
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Heavy rain causes flash floods in Tanjong Pagar area on Monday morning
23 Jan 2017
The Land Transport Authority, in a tweet at 9:23am, warned motorists of the flash flood on Maxwell Road, towards Kadayanallur Street, after South Bridge Road.
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Woman killed in traffic accident at Pioneer Road North
13 Jan 2017
A woman was killed after a private bus ran into her bicycle and several other vehicles at Pioneer Road North on Thursday, 12th January evening.
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