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Pay-to-ride driverless buses begin operations in two areas of Singapore
27 Jan 2021
Driverless buses are now ferrying paying passengers at Science Park 2 and on Jurong Island, with a round trip costing $0.40 and $2 respectively.
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Top five car accident spots in Singapore
23 Oct 2020
Here are some roads that you should exercise due care when you're driving, as they are one of the most car accident-prone areas in Singapore.
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Cyclists and PMD users concerned over ban in common areas
16 Sep 2019
Cyclists and PMD users are expressing concern over a ban on the use of bicycles and PMDs in common properties in HDB estates.
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New app can direct cabbies to areas of high demand
27 Feb 2018
The Singapore Management University is developing a taxi guidance system, which uses historical and real-time data, to direct cabbies to high demand areas.
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Sentosa Gateway Tunnel to ease congestion in area
26 Jan 2017
The Sentosa Gateway Tunnel could open as early as April after delays in construction, allowing travel time to be cut by up to half.
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Driverless cars could soon be used to shuttle people in enclosed areas
15 Jun 2014
Driverless electric shuttles and buggies may soon become a solution to transport people in enclosed areas in the near future.
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Residents in three areas get new private bus service to CBD
11 Feb 2014
Three new bus services to the CBD provided by private operators will serve residents living in Jurong East, Sembawang and West Coast.
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Check flood prone areas online before heading out
04 Aug 2013
In case of a thunderstorm, motorists are now able to view the traffic conditions of flood prone areas online before stepping out of their homes.
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HDB will install CCTV cameras in 55 areas
04 Apr 2013
HDB follows LTA's lead to install CCTV cameras near service roads and loading bays to deter illegal parking offences.
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