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Audi electrifies the FC Bayern basketball team
23 Oct 2021
Audi has equipped the FC Bayern basketball team with its own electrified vehicles as they prepare for the 2020/21 season.
Video Review - Audi e-tron Sportback Electric 50 quattro Advanced 71 kWh (A)
12 Oct 2021
The Audi e-tron Sportback is the more stylish cousin to the regular e-tron, but that does not compromise its usability one bit.
Clarence Seow | 1,485 views | Audi Reviews
Comparison - Audi Q5 & Jaguar F-PACE
12 Oct 2021
The Audi Q5 delivers exceeding functionality and ease-of-use, in contrast to the Jaguar F-PACE that emphasises expressive style and out-sized personality.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 3,150 views | Audi Reviews
Audi quattro Cup concludes in Singapore
01 Oct 2021
The Audi quattro Cup, hosted at Sentosa Golf Club's New Tanjong Course, one of the region's most prestigious and long-standing golf clubs, has concluded.
Local News | 649 views | Audi News
The Audi Environmental Foundation installs new litter trap in the River Danube
27 Sep 2021
The floating litter trap is made of recycled plastic and will in turn, capture discarded plastic litter in the river to send for recycling.
Sony to launch new XAV-AX3200 in-car media receiver here in Singapore
24 Sep 2021
The Sony XAV-AX3200 will offer up smartphone compatibility as well as the option to hook up with a host of other audio devices.
Local News | 1,292 views | Other News
Ken Block joins Audi's electrification effort
23 Sep 2021
U.S.A iconic and rally star Ken Block is joining Audi at the firm electrifies its range by joining in on its exclusive joint projects.
Audi takes the RS Q e-tron into the heat and sand of Morocco
20 Sep 2021
Audi Sport has tested the Audi RS Q e-tron for almost two weeks in the heat and sand of Morocco prior to its oncoming debut in the Dakar Rally.
The Audi quattro Cup returns to Singapore
17 Sep 2021
Hole-in-one prizes for the Audi quattro Cup golf tournament include an Audi e-tron, Audi e-tron Sportback and an Audi A3 Sedan!
Local News | 1,280 views | Audi News
Video Review - Audi A6 Sedan Mild Hybrid 2.0 TFSI S tronic Design
16 Sep 2021
The Audi A6 is quiet, comfortable, and classy, making it a desirable premium sedan.
Clarence Seow | 4,389 views | Audi Reviews
Car Review - Audi Q5 Sportback Mild Hybrid 2.0 TFSI qu S tronic S line (A)
14 Sep 2021
The Audi Q5 Sportback is a coupe SUV that sports a sleek form without compromising on function.
Julian Kho, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 8,871 views | Audi Reviews
The Audi e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT make their way into Singapore
08 Sep 2021
With their long sleek looks and tremendous power, the Audi e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT show that electric need not be boring.
Local News | 9,222 views | Audi News
Audi to launch the e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT in Singapore
07 Sep 2021
The Audi e-tron GT and Audi RS e-tron GT will make their Singapore premiere via an online stream come 8 September 2021.
Local News | 1,377 views | Audi News
The Audi grandsphere concept takes luxury to a new, sustainable level
03 Sep 2021
The Audi grandsphere concept shows what a hyper luxury, all-electric vehicle of the future could look like and offer.
Audi Grandsphere: Here's what you should know about it
03 Sep 2021
The Audi Grandsphere is the second model in the brand's trio of 'Sphere' all-electric concepts and it resembles a sleek four-door saloon.
Julian Kho | 4,330 views | Features