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Car Review - Audi S8 Mild Hybrid 4.0 TFSI qu Tip (A)
12 Oct 2022
The Audi S8 is a precisely niche car for enthusiast business executives, boasting performance and luxury in equal measure.
Desmond Chan | 4,878 views | Audi Reviews
The Audi A8 and S8 exude status and authority
12 Sep 2022
We take an early look at two new facelifted flagship sedans from Audi, the A8 and S8, in this latest video feature!
Clarence Seow | 6,857 views | Features
Updated Audi A8 L and new S8 arrive in Singapore
01 Jul 2022
The updated Audi A8 L sports a sharper look and new technology features, and comes to Singapore alongside the new S8 sporty limousine.
Local News | 2,941 views | Audi News
Luxury and athleticism in the new Audi S8
19 Nov 2019
The new Audi S8 combines progressive luxury with dynamic athleticism while honing its reputation as the benchmark for innovative suspension systems.
Transporter 4 to feature new male lead and new Audi S8
25 Mar 2015
The official trailer for Transporter 4: Refueled features a new male lead and an almost indestructible new Audi S8.
'Fifty Shades of Grey' to feature Audi models
02 Feb 2015
Several of Audi's hottest models will be featured in the upcoming feature film, 'Fifty Shades of Grey', which will be released in Singapore soon.
Audi's string of new models headed to Singapore in 2014
16 Dec 2013
From the 1.4-litre Audi A3 Sedan to the 4.0-litre Audi A8L, Audi will be launching six new models here next year, including a 520bhp rated S8.
Local News | 9,874 views | Audi News
Muscles Tussle - Part II
09 Nov 2012
Audi's premium sport model - the RS5, is put to test on the tracks. We sample one of Ingolstadt's finest, the S8 sedan, on our return leg of the road trip.
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Audi Singapore and Nicholas Low | International News | 10,407 views | Audi News
Muscles Tussle - Part I
08 Nov 2012
The Audi S6, S7, and S8 square off their differences, demonstrating their varied personalities despite having similar powerplants - on a road trip to Sepang.
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Audi Singapore and Nicholas Low | International News | 10,325 views | Audi News
Audi's first tv spot for S Line features the S8
06 Sep 2012
While Audi is known to create some of the best captivating commercials, it has just released its first Tv spot for the S8.
Audi SR8 from Hofele Design
14 Oct 2011
Hofele Design has come up with a tuning package for the Audi S8, called the SR8 and featuring improved performance and a more aggressive styling kit
Audi S8 completes triumvirate of Audi S performance models at Frankfurt
03 Sep 2011
Audi has released details of its third S performance model that it will launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the S8 luxury performance sedan
Top golfers will ride around in Audi fleet
05 Mar 2009
Audi is the official car of the 2009 HSBC Women's Champions, chauffeuring players and guests throughout the four-day tournament.
Local News | 3,370 views | Audi News
Western Europe's most popular brand since 1st Jan 2009
23 Feb 2009
No, it's not BMW, Mercedes-Benz or even Volkswagen. It's Audi who's leaping ahead of its competition in these tough times.
Audi takes its new pet out for a walk
05 Feb 2009
Audi’s new R8 features an insane 525 hp V10, 530 Nm of torque and a top speed of 316 km/h. And it sounds really, really angry.