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Pay-to-ride driverless buses begin operations in two areas of Singapore
27 Jan 2021
Driverless buses are now ferrying paying passengers at Science Park 2 and on Jurong Island, with a round trip costing $0.40 and $2 respectively.
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Hyundai unveils its DAL-e robot intended for automated customer services
26 Jan 2021
The AI-powered automated robot will offer bespoke customer services at Hyundai Motor Group's showrooms, with plans for adoption in other environments.
Hyundai Elantra N TCR set for racing debut
26 Jan 2021
The Hyundai Elantra N TCR is set to make its American racing debut with Bryan Herta Autosport in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge.
DS Automobiles reveals the DS7 Crossback Lourve
25 Jan 2021
DS Automobiles launches the DS7 Crossback Lourve, created in collaboration with the Lourve Museum in Paris and embodying DS' love for travel and culture.
Brocade Auto is the specialist for all your car air-conditioner problems
16 Jan 2021
The air-conditioning system in a car is important, yet hardly understood. Real specialists are few and far between, but here's one you can trust.
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Autoimage launches new concept store for Esatto and Passione car audio products
14 Jan 2021
Autoimage's latest audio concept store features a splendid system for you to get a quotation and audition your desired setup accurately within minutes.
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Chinese electric car company NIO launches its first autonomous car, the ET7
13 Jan 2021
NIO has launched its first autonomous car, the ET7, set to be NIO's flagship vehicle with deliveries starting in 2022.
FCA presents an interactive tour of its technology and products at CES 2021
12 Jan 2021
With CES 2021 going digital, FCA is presenting 3D tours of its technology and innovation, giving viewers a multitude of visual and interactive experiences.
Cheng Chuan Motor spray painting transforms your car's exterior styling
12 Jan 2021
With decades of experience and knowledge of the latest car styling trends, Cheng Chuan Motor is the shop to give your car a striking new look.
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Cadillac looks out of car industry to deliver next generation user experience
09 Jan 2021
At the CES 2021 Show, Cadillac will showcase how it continues to push the limits of the in-car user experience, particularly by looking out of the car industry.
FCA and Groupe PSA merger approved by shareholders
06 Jan 2021
The shareholders of Fiat Chrysler Automotive and Peugeot S.A. have approved the merger of FCA and Groupe PSA to form Stellantis.
365 Automotive is here for all your rims and tyre woes
06 Jan 2021
Whether you are shopping for new tyres or need expert advice on your choice of rims, 365 Automotive has you covered!
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What are the different types of car bodykits to choose from
05 Jan 2021
Bodykits can bring about massive changes to the looks of your car, setting your car apart from the others. Here's what you can get.
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Alpine Eyewear launches its new collection
31 Dec 2020
Alpine has collaborated with eyewear firm 15-1 Diffusion yet again to launch a new eyewear collection for 2021, inspired by the A110.
Volkswagen presents a vision for the future, a mobile charging robot
31 Dec 2020
Volkswagen, through its subsidiary Volkswagen Group Components, gives the first glimpse of a mobile charging robot, set to be the future of autonomous charging.