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Mixed results for second round of April COE bidding
18 Apr 2018
For the second round of bidding in April, COE premiums for Cat A and E see a slight increase while prices for Cat B go down.
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Mixed results for first round of COE bidding in May
11 May 2017
For the first round of bidding in May, COE prices see a slight decrease for Cat A and a slight increase for both Cat B and Cat E.
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The first round of COE bidding in May closes with mixed results
05 May 2016
The first round of COE bidding in May sees mixed results, with premiums for Cat A and B increasing slightly while premiums for Cat E falling marginally.
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First round of COE bidding for December ends with constant results
03 Dec 2014
The first COE bidding exercise for the month of December ended with premiums staying relatively constant in all categories.
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COE Bidding Results Singapore
Find out more about the latest results of our Certificate of Entitlement (COE).
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