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BMW reveals the all new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe
09 Jun 2021
The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe captures the imagination with its enhanced driving dynamics, design language, and a host of innovations in terms of connectivity.
The new BMW 2 Series Coupe previewed during production prototype testing
18 May 2021
The production prototype has undergone testing and tuning of its drive and suspension systems under race track conditions.
Car Review - BMW 1 Series Hatchback 116i Luxury (A)
15 May 2021
With an excellent ride and safety features aplenty, the BMW 116i is a hatchback that offers nearly all you'd expect out of a premium product.
Clarence Seow | 15,111 views | BMW Reviews
Car Review - BMW M Series M4 Coupe 3.0 Competition Launch Edition (A)
13 May 2021
The new BMW M4 is a bold, two-door coupe that delivers an unmatched level of athletic dynamism, sharp handling and focused performance.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 4,837 views | BMW M Series Reviews
The all new BMW 4 Series Convertible now available in Singapore
12 May 2021
With its striking design and innovative equipment features, the new 4 Series Convertible delivers driving pleasure in a uniquely exclusive form.
Local News | 1,701 views | BMW News
BMW and Hans Zimmer co-develop driving sounds for electrified BMW M models
12 May 2021
Customers will soon be able to experience BMW's IconicSounds Electric in a version developed specially for electric BMW M cars.
Car Review - BMW M Series M3 Sedan 3.0 Competition Launch Edition (A)
12 May 2021
Behind the new M3's questionable grille is a performance saloon that is unquestionably excellent, unimpeachably capable and undeniably best-in-class.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 5,181 views | BMW M Series Reviews
BMW M3 or M4: Two enthusiasts give their views
09 Apr 2021
Is the more practical BMW M3 Competition a better choice than the M4 Competition Coupe? These enthusiasts from sgCarMart and Torque give their views.
Idris Talib and Jeremy Chua, Photos from BMW | 13,950 views | Features
The BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo is now available in Singapore
05 Apr 2021
The new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo has reached Singapore's shores, and is now available for viewing and sale at Performance Motors Limited.
Local News | 2,418 views | BMW News
The new BMW M5 Competition has landed in Singapore
30 Mar 2021
Sharper and sleeker, the new F90 BMW M5 Competition blends usability and performance more than ever before, and is now available at Performance Munich Autos.
Here are 4 reasons why you'd want the BMW M4 over the M3
30 Mar 2021
The BMW M3 is all about power, driver engagement and practicality in a single package, but the M4 Competition is more than just a sensual performance coupe.
Idris Talib, Photos by Low Fai Ming, BMW | 5,322 views | Features
First Drive - BMW M Series M3 Sedan 3.0 Competition Launch Edition (A)
29 Mar 2021
Our experience with the BMW M3 taught us that brute power, dynamic abilities and four-door practicality can co-exist in a single package.
Idris Talib, Photos by Low Fai Ming and BMW | 11,313 views | BMW M Series Reviews
Car Review - BMW 4 Series Coupe 420i M Sport (A)
26 Mar 2021
Urgent power delivery pair with high levels of refinement to make the BMW 4 Series Coupe perfect for those that crave instant gratification.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 8,567 views | BMW Reviews
The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is pretty sweet
22 Mar 2021
The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is a well-rounded vehicle. See just makes makes it our Car of the Year for 2020 in this latest video feature!
Clarence Seow | 8,252 views | Features
Car Review - BMW 3 Series Sedan 318i Sport (A)
22 Feb 2021
Blessed with ample equipment, dynamic handling and a capable drivetrain, the entry model 3 Series is an easy choice for buyers.
Desmond Chan | 18,868 views | BMW Reviews