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Bridgestone recognises dealers in annual celebratory dinner
18 Dec 2019
Bridgestone recognised its outstanding dealers at its annual Family Channel Dealers Night, held at Hotel Fort Canning this year.
Local News | 1,103 views | Other News
We gather six cars that wear Bridgestone tyres from the factory
02 Dec 2019
We check out six different cars that have Bridgestone tyres fitted as standard from the factory, meeting the stringent standards of car manufacturers.
Idris Talib | 8,815 views | Features
Bridgestone RE-71R: Everyday tyres for the track
12 Nov 2019
Bridgestone RE-71R tyres aren't just suitable tyres for the road, they're made perfect for the track. What's not to like?
Julian Kho, Photos by Goh Zhi Xuan, Teck Guan | 8,178 views | Features
L S Tyres celebrates grand opening of its latest Bridgestone B-Select store
27 May 2019
L S Tyres & Automotive, together with Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore celebrated the grand opening of their latest B-Select concept store at Paya Ubi.
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Run-flat technology tyres myths busted
21 May 2019
While run-flat technology tyres have been around for some time, most do not know much about this technology. Let's bust some myths surrounding these tyres.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Bridgestone, Low Fai Ming | 39,128 views | Car Ownership Advice
Bridgestone celebrates 18th anniversary and launches two new tyres
01 Apr 2019
Bridgestone celebrated the brand's 18th anniversary in Singapore, and also launched two new tyres - the Ecopia H/L 001 and the DriveGuard RFT.
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Bridgestone strengthens dealer partnerships with annual MOU ceremony
13 Dec 2018
Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore held its 15th Memorandum of Understanding ceremony to strengthen partnerships with its dealers across the island.
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The Bridgestone S007A - is it the perfect all-round performance tyre?
21 Nov 2018
We went up north to find out if the performance oriented Bridgestone Potenza S007A is a good all-rounder for the daily as well as spirited driving.
Idris Talib, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 11,072 views | Features
Bridgestone Becomes Worldwide Paralympic Partner
21 Oct 2018
Bridgestone, the world's largest tyre and rubber company, has global rights to the Paralympic Movement through to 2024.
Finding a balance in the wet with the Bridgestone Potenza S007A
14 Sep 2018
Bridgestone has unleashed its flagship, the Potenza S007A, which will replace the outgoing S001 in the flagship Potenza range.
Idris Talib in Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia | 7,373 views | Features
Bridgestone launches new high-performance Potenza S007A
08 Sep 2018
Developed to provide exceptional grip and outstanding steering response, the Bridgestone Potenza S007A is a high-performance tyre for the road.
Idris Talib in Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia | International News | 4,119 views | Other News
The Bridgestone Turanza T005A offers the sound of silence
01 Jun 2018
If you're considering a new set of tyres that will pamper both you and your car with calm and comfort, you might want to consider the Bridgestone Turanza T005A.
Nigel Yong, Photos by Randall Tan | 15,714 views | Features
Five important things to know about your tyres
30 Apr 2018
We look at five important things you need to know about your tyres, from buying new tyres to how you should take care of them.
Desmond Chan | 26,657 views | Features
Bridgestone's new flagship tyre is the king of comfort
03 Apr 2018
Here are five simple reasons why Bridgestone's new comfort flagship tyre can provide a journey that will not disappoint even the most demanding critic.
Julian Kho in Bangkok, Thailand | 28,353 views | Features
Bridgestone launches the Turanza T005A in Singapore
26 Mar 2018
Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore today announced the official launch of its Turanza T005A tyre, designed for a quieter, safer and smoother journey.
Local News | 5,199 views | Other News