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Bugatti celebrates the W16 Mistral
15 Nov 2022
The Bugatti W16 Mistral marks the final road-going appearance of the iconic W16 engine, in an open top car that can achieve more than 420km/h.
The Bugatti Centodieci is driving perfection
11 Nov 2022
The Bugatti Centodieci which is limited to only 10 units, goes through thousands of hours of testing of every component, and is assembled with great precision.
Bugatti and Champagne Carbon pursue perfection
03 Nov 2022
Champagne Carbon was created in 2011 by Alexandre Mea, heir to the fifth generation to the Devavry family who set up their viniculture back in 1920.
Bugatti celebrates the 400th Chiron ever made
02 Nov 2022
Bugatti is celebrating the completion of the 400th example of the Bugatti Chiron, which has a bare carbon fibre body tinted in dark green.
Bugatti releases the first smartwatch with a full carbon fibre housing
21 Oct 2022
The Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition by VIITA is the world's first limited edition smartwatch and the first to have a full carbon fibre housing.
Bugatti W16 Mistral makes European debut
30 Sep 2022
Bugatti has debuted its W16 Mistral at the Chantilly Arts and Elegance Richard Mille, a gathering which brings together the very best of cars, art and luxury.
You can now purchase a certified pre-owned Bugatti
27 Sep 2022
Bugatti has launched a certified programme for customers who want to purchase a used Veyron or Chiron through an authorised Bugatti partner.
The Bugatti Festival celebrates the brand
22 Sep 2022
Every year, the Bugatti Festival is held at Molsheim, birthplace of the Bugatti brand where Ettore Bugatti built his astounding cars.
Bugatti celebrates the Centodieci and EB110
19 Sep 2022
Bugatti brings a Centodieci and EB110 Supersport together, celebrating the Centodieci's throwback styling from the legendary EB110 Supersport.
Bugatti has appointed two new Directors in preparation for a new era
12 Sep 2022
Bugatti has made a number of senior appointments, with Philippe Grand becoming Quality Director and Florent Ligi becoming HR Director.
Bugatti celebrates at Passione Engadina
31 Aug 2022
One of the world's most exclusive events, Passione Engadina, which is held in St. Moritz, celebrated the achievements of Bugatti this year.
The first copy of the new Bugatti EB110 book has been sold at $64,000
24 Aug 2022
The Bugatti EB110 book that was written by a Bugatti historian and former Head of Tradition at Bugatti Automobiles has been sold at a staggering price.
Bugatti's immense W16 bows out with the Mistral roadster
23 Aug 2022
As the era of electrification begins to take over, Bugatti's mighty quad-turbo W16 engine retires with the Mistral roadster as its final swan song.
Bugatti remembers one of its past greats, the Type 57 Roadster Grand Raid Usine
19 Aug 2022
The Type 57 Roadster Grand Raid Usine stands out in Bugatti's storied history by being the only example of its kind to still exist to this day.
Bugatti celebrates 10 years of the fastest roadster ever made, the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse
13 Aug 2022
The Grand Sport Vitesse's W16 produced 1,167bhp and propelled the roadster to a top speed of 408km/h making it the fastest car in its segment to this day.