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The new Caltex Havoline Fully Synthetic Hybrid SAE 0W-20 has been launched in Singapore
12 Jan 2023
Chevron International Pte Ltd has just launched the new Caltex Havoline Hybrid engine oil, which offer unique advantages to hybrid engines.
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Fuel prices once again on the rise
29 Aug 2022
SPC, Sinopec, and Esso have raised their pump prices to match the price hike made by Shell and Caltex on 24 August 2022.
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Caltex lets you use you loyalty points to offset your carbon emissions
29 Mar 2022
Customers at Caltex can now opt to put their loyalty points into projects that will offset a portion of their carbon emissions from burning fuel.
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Pump prices in Singapore on upward climb as worldwide energy demand steadily swells
29 Oct 2021
Singapore's pump operators have taken turns over the last 3 weeks to increase their prices, with speculation that 95-Octane could hit $3/litre by 2022.
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SP Group partners Chevron to offer electric car charging at selected locations
22 Mar 2021
SP Group has announced it is partnering with Caltex to offer electric car charging at four selected Caltex stations in Singapore.
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Petrol stations: Does it matter which one you go to?
01 Dec 2020
Is there a big difference in which petrol station you choose to go to here in Singapore? We find out if they're the same.
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Latest petrol prices in Singapore - Compare prices across all companies here
07 Jul 2020
Looking for the lowest petrol prices before heading to the pumps? We track the prices offered by the various petrol stations here!
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Caltex launches Fuel Your School programme
26 Jun 2020
Caltex Fuel Your School - Tech Jam 2020 encourages students to explore Mixed Reality from the comforts of their home.
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2021 guide to the best petrol discount credit cards
29 May 2020
Applying for a new credit card and wondering about petrol discounts? Here's your 2021 guide to the best credit card for discounts at each petrol station.
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Fuel prices remain despite sharp plunge in oil prices
21 Apr 2020
Fuel pump prices in Singapore continues to remain unchanged since 25 March, despite a recent sharp plunge in global crude oil prices.
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Redeem LinkPoints for fuel on the CaltexGO app
11 Mar 2020
An update to the CaltexGO app means that its users can now redeem LinkPoints for fuel directly from their mobile phone.
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Caltex Jurong Spring wins BCA Green Mark Platinum certification
14 Jan 2020
Chevron Singapore has launched the industry's first petrol station to be awarded a BCA Green Mark Platinum (Super Low Energy) certificate.
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Here's how you can improve your engine's fuel consumption and performance
19 Sep 2019
Deposits build up in an engine and fuel system over time, eventually affecting performance and efficiency. Here's why it happens, and how you can solve it.
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Caltex introduces Star Driver loyalty programme
31 Jan 2019
Caltex has introduced a new loyalty programme designed to help private-hire and taxi drivers enjoy greater rewards.
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Caltex rolls out app that allows drivers to pay for petrol
25 Sep 2018
CaltexGO, an app available on both Apple and Android phones, allows users to pay for their fuel without getting out of their vehicle.
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