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Caltex Jurong Spring wins BCA Green Mark Platinum certification
14 Jan 2020
Chevron Singapore has launched the industry's first petrol station to be awarded a BCA Green Mark Platinum (Super Low Energy) certificate.
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Here's how you can improve your engine's fuel consumption and performance
19 Sep 2019
Deposits build up in an engine and fuel system over time, eventually affecting performance and efficiency. Here's why it happens, and how you can solve it.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Caltex, Editorial Team | 25,321 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Caltex introduces Star Driver loyalty programme
31 Jan 2019
Caltex has introduced a new loyalty programme designed to help private-hire and taxi drivers enjoy greater rewards.
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Caltex rolls out app that allows drivers to pay for petrol
25 Sep 2018
CaltexGO, an app available on both Apple and Android phones, allows users to pay for their fuel without getting out of their vehicle.
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What other rewards can you redeem with your petrol points?
24 May 2018
Besides rice cookers and hair dryers, what other rewards can you redeem with the petrol points you've accumulated over the years?
Anthony Lim | 37,317 views | Car Ownership Advice
Getting really good discounts at Caltex using your credit cards
10 May 2018
Who doesn't like discounts? I know that we do! Especially when it's something that we use on a regular basis like topping up our petrol at Caltex.
Raphael Lim, Photos by Caltex | 71,874 views | Car Ownership Advice
Get cracking on your CNY preparations with Caltex
23 Jan 2018
By spending $50 nett with your Plus! Card at Caltex, you can stand to win great prizes with Caltex's Sure-Win Fortune Cookies!
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Web portal, mobile application with petrol price comparison could be developed
20 Dec 2017
The Competition Commission of Singapore has proposed the development of a web portal and mobile application to allow consumers to compare petrol prices.
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Techron D Concentrate offers superior cleaning on diesel fuel injection systems
11 Dec 2017
Caltex's Techron Concentrate fuel system cleaner is now available for diesel-powered vehicles, with the new Techron D Concentrate.
Ben Chia | 10,076 views | Features
Stamford Tyres expands East Coast Caltex Station with East Coast Megamart
13 Nov 2017
Today, Stamford Tyres celebrates the grand opening of its new East Coast Megamart@Caltex Station, which aims to serve a wider group of customers in the East.
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Experience 'True Power from Within' with Caltex
09 Jun 2017
In conjunction with the release of 'Transformers: The Last Knight', Caltex has launched the 'True Power from Within' for customers; from 1st May to 31st July.
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The best credit cards for petrol discounts
19 Dec 2016
We suss out the four best credit cards that will get you the most discount on petrol at each of the four different petrol stations in Singapore.
Desmond Chan, Table by Design Team | 154,016 views | Car Ownership Advice
Dummies' guide to new parking coupons
10 Dec 2016
There's been some confusion about the new parking coupons and parking charges. We're here to share with you everything you need to know about this new system.
Anthony Lim, Photos by Newslink | 105,319 views | Car Ownership Advice
Everything you need to know about Caltex's Clean & Glide Technology
02 Sep 2016
Caltex's best petrol has gotten even better with the addition of Techron's new Clean & Glide Technology - now in service stations islandwide.
Text by Sabrina Lee, Photos by Caltex | 9,495 views | Features
Launch of the new Caltex with Techron fuel, with Clean & Glide Technology
11 May 2016
Caltex launches the new Caltex with Techron fuel, with the addition of its new Clean & Glide Technology for better fuel economy, engine protection and power.
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