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Marbella is having a 11.11 sale for its dash cameras
10 Nov 2022
Marbella's biggest sales is now on until 11 November 2022, with great deals for their new Marbella KR X which boasts competitive recording technology.
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6 worst features on new cars that we can certainly live without
21 Sep 2022
New cars come with the latest and greatest features, right? Well, perhaps not. Here are six features on new cars that we'd much rather do without.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming and Manufacturer | 12,572 views | Features
Sgcarmart Drivers' Choice Awards 2022 - Best aftermarket products for your car
22 Aug 2022
From tyres to car care products and even in-car entertainment systems, Sgcarmart Drivers' Choice Award 2022 showcases the best aftermarket products of the year!
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All the cool features 70Mai's brand new M500 has that your old car camera probably doesn't!
02 Jul 2022
Delivering more than just crisp and clear footage, 70Mai's all-new M500 car camera promises to provide drivers with even more assurance than before.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Era International | 2,803 views | Features
The six types of car enthusiasts you'll see at any car meet or car event in Singapore
25 Jan 2022
These are the types of people you'll find at a local car meet in Singapore - any similarities with actual people are intended... uh, unintended.
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Get the latest Korean-made dashcams at the Marbella 12.12 sale
10 Dec 2021
All two-channel cameras purchased as part of the 12.12 sale will come with installation, an 18-month extended warranty, and a 64GB MicroSD card all included!
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Personalising your BMW should come with peace of mind
15 Nov 2021
Quality workmanship and Original BMW Parts and Accessories should be the bare minimum to ensure a safe and hassle-free driving experience.
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Marbella's biggest 11.11 sales is now on
09 Nov 2021
Massive discounts, free installation, and plenty of other goodies are all yours to grab with the latest dashcams on Marbella's biggest 11.11 sale yet!
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Best car cameras recommended by Singaporean drivers in 2021
10 Sep 2021
Car cameras are essential in every car. The last thing you want is to get into an accident and produce blur or obscure footage of the incident. Here's a look at the best brands in the market.
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Join Marbella as it launches the KR X car camera on Facebook
09 Sep 2021
Up to $300 worth of freebies are up for grabs if you join Marbella's launch of its new KR X car camera on Facebook live!
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Vueroid launches the new D20-Q2 dash cam
13 Aug 2021
The Vueroid D20-Q2 is equipped with plenty of safety features to make sure you stay safe and avoid any unnecessary speeding tickets on the road.
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Drivers, don't leave home without these six essential items for your car
12 Aug 2021
Drivers should fully enjoy the convenience of driving. Hence, here are 6 essential items to get you out of a fix and ensure a pleasant driving experience.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by 70mai, Roidmi | 15,563 views | Car Ownership Advice
Photogrammetry makes Seat's manufacturing process even more precise
17 Jun 2021
Photogrammetry represents an improvement in measurement efficiency on the production line in terms of speed and precision.
The HP f920x comes with safety features from premium cars
01 Mar 2021
The HP f920x in-car camera offers you high-quality recordings thanks to its Sony Starvis sensor, along with various safety features from premium cars!
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Chinese New Year giveaway and offers for BlackVue cameras
11 Jan 2021
Wow! Gadgets, the sole distributor for BlackVue in Singapore, is having a giveaway quiz to commemorate the upcoming festive period.
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