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Mayfair Motoring embarks on digital transformation to revolutionise used car market
07 Jun 2021
With new digital solutions to enhance customer convenience and safety amidst a pandemic, Mayfair Motoring looks to revolutionise the used car buying process.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 3,016 views | Features
Why you should sell your car by consignment
12 Jan 2021
Thinking of selling your car? Consigning your car might just be the best option for you. Read on to find out how to get the best selling price for your car.
Text by Emily Lee. Photos by Stock Images | 6,101 views | Car Selling Advice
Rolls-Royce Singapore wins an award for being the top Phantom dealer in 2019
18 Dec 2020
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Singapore has been awarded the Phantom Dealer of the Year 2019, with the team lauded for exceptional management of Phantom sales.
Should you sell you car to a consignment dealer?
11 Dec 2020
Want to sell a car but not too sure about how to go about doing it? We look at why you should consider a consignment dealer in this video feature!
Clarence Seow | 9,313 views | Features
The Christmas gift guide with Porsche Singapore
09 Dec 2020
Porsche's Christmas catalogue is here to spread that yuletide cheer, and there's no other place to find it than at Porsche Singapore's showroom.
Local News | 1,455 views | Porsche News
Above and beyond at Christmas with Land Rover
08 Dec 2020
Land Rover's Christmas collection is now available for purchase at the Land Rover Singapore showroom, with delightful gifts to fulfil everyone's wishlist.
Enjoy the perfect Jaguar Christmas
08 Dec 2020
The Jaguar Collection is now available at the Jaguar Singapore showroom, with delightful gifts such as the Jaguar Ride On and racing teddy bear.
Local News | 760 views | Jaguar News
Need a rental car from these authorised dealerships in Singapore?
17 Oct 2020
Did you know that some authorised dealerships in Singapore have car rental and leasing options? Renting from experts of specific brands makes sense, yes?
Text by James Chan, Photos by Motor Directory | 8,775 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Enjoy a worry-free pre-owned car buying experience at Das WeltAuto
01 Oct 2020
Volkswagen Group Singapore ensures the highest customer satisfaction and peace of mind when you purchase a pre-owned car from Das WeltAuto.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Das WeltAuto | 7,672 views | Features
COE bidding to resume on 6 July 2020
18 Jun 2020
The Land Transport Authority has announced that COE bidding exercises will resume on 6 July 2020, as motor dealers begin to resume operations.
Local News | 21,462 views | COE News
Tips to get the best price when selling your car to used car dealers!
02 Jun 2020
Trading in your car or selling it to used car dealers? Here are some tips to find out what your car is worth and sell your car for the best price!
Idris Talib, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 10,696 views | Car Selling Advice
Supreme Cars is committed to delivering quality pre-loved cars
25 Mar 2020
With a thorough vehicle inspection and a comprehensive rectification process, Supreme Cars ensures that you get the best pre-owned shopping experience.
Clarence Seow | 10,352 views | Features
Top 20 cars you can buy now with the lowest dealer mark-up (2020 edition)
29 Feb 2020
Some car dealers willingly make lower profits to attract customers. Here's the top 20 cars with the lowest dealer profit margins - the best deals you can get!
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Manufacturers | 38,070 views | Car Buying Advice
Inchcape Pre-owned ensures utmost quality when you buy a car from them
06 Feb 2020
Buying a car from Inchcape Pre-owned is risk free and pleasant, thanks to its stringent checks and quality assurance, topped off with premium service standards.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 9,487 views | Features
These are the 10 cheapest brand-new cars you can buy in 2021
20 Jan 2020
Thinking of buying a brand-new car, but on a budget? Here are 10 of the cheapest new cars (under $100k) you can buy in 2021!
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team | 143,448 views | Car Buying Advice