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Lotus' first-ever electric SUV, the Eletre, has been previewed in Singapore
06 Jun 2023
Lotus' electrifying new hyper-SUV is coming soon, and we have just been invited to a special preview to take a closer look at it!
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MINI Convertible Seaside Edition now in Singapore
01 Jun 2023
The MINI Convertible Seaside Edition packs plenty of heat with its 176bhp 2.0-litre engine but can be had in a cool Caribbean Aqua exterior colour.
Local News | 1,488 views | MINI News
Kia Singapore opens doors to revamped showroom following four-month renovation
24 May 2023
The Kia showroom now features the brand's 'Opposites United' philosophy, with a sleek new exhibition space for models, and a refreshed, aftersales area.
Local News | 2,457 views | Kia News
Volkswagen Group Singapore launches new online car reservation platforms
20 May 2023
You can now pick, specify, calculate your monthly installment, and reserve your next Volkswagen and Skoda, all online.
Local News | 2,734 views | Volkswagen News
Porsche hosts a stunning 2023 Porsche World Road Show preview
19 May 2023
It looks like all those that secured tickets to the 2023 Porsche World Road Show can expect an entire session of exhilarating activities.
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Nissan X-Trail e-POWER arrives in Singapore
11 May 2023
The launch of the Nissan X-Trail here in Singapore means the firm's e-POWER technology is now available here in a large, seven-seater SUV.
Local News | 6,945 views | Nissan News
BMW showcases the exciting new BMW M2 to the media at a preview event
09 May 2023
BMW has officially launched the new M2 here in Singapore, a powerful and dynamic compact coupe that promises to deliver exhilarating thrills.
Local News | 6,735 views | BMW News
All new Mercedes-Benz GLC officially launched in Singapore
04 May 2023
Latest GLC SUV model in Singapore comes in two variants: The GLC300 with a mild hybrid powertrain, and the GLC300e, which is a plug-in hybrid.
Opel launches facelifted Grandland in Singapore
30 Apr 2023
A new sculpted design meets features including hands-free parking, lane keep assist, and a powered tailgate in this Opel Grandland.
Local News | 2,406 views | Opel News
Lexus launches its first dedicated battery-electric vehicle, the RZ450e, in Singapore
28 Apr 2023
Electric motors at either axle give the Lexus RZ450e a total 308bhp output, while its 71.4kWh battery facilitates a range of up to 440km.
Local News | 3,113 views | Lexus News
BMW 3 Series Touring launched in Singapore
27 Apr 2023
The BMW 3 Series Touring comes with a 242bhp 2.0-litre engine up front, and a 500-litre boot at the back, perfect for those that need to move things fast.
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Tumi launches McLaren 60th Anniversary Collection
14 Apr 2023
Tumi has launched a new McLaren 60th Anniversary Collection comprising of a backpack, sling, and carry-on, all complete with McLaren's famous papaya colour.
The Volkswagen Golf is now available here with a Cat A COE eligible 129bhp output
10 Apr 2023
The Volkswagen Golf is now available here with a 1.5-litre engine that pushes out 129bhp, allowing it to be registered here with a Cat A COE.
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Shell launches its latest fuel formula yet
06 Apr 2023
Equipped with more deposit-targeting technology than before, the new Shell fuels formula promises an increase of up to 15km of range with each fill-up.
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Plug-in hybrid BMW XM launches in Singapore, marks BMW M's first purpose-built performance SUV
31 Mar 2023
As BMW's most powerful full-production car yet, the XM's electric motor and twin-turbo V8 combine for a maximum output of a whopping 644bhp and 800Nm of torque.
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