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Here's how to prevent your car or its parts from being stolen
25 Aug 2022
Prevention is always better than cure. If you always drive across the border, you will want to minimise the chances of your car getting stolen. Here's how.
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What should you do if someone steals your car overseas?
17 Aug 2022
Losing your car while overseas is a distressing thing, but it is important to know what to do next instead of panicking.
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Yet another Honda car stolen in Johor Baru
17 Aug 2015
A third Singapore-registered Honda car has been reported stolen in Johor Bahru, making it the third such incident in the space of one week.
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Singapore car stolen in 10 seconds in Johor Baru
12 Aug 2015
A thief stole a Singapore-registered Honda Civic in 10 seconds at popular shopping mall Tebrau City in Johor Baru on the 10th of August.
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Stolen Singapore car recovered with help from netizens
28 Jul 2015
A white Honda Civic that was stolen in Johor Baru has been returned to its rightful Singaporean owner with help from netizens.
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23 percent drop in number of vehicle thefts
25 Mar 2015
The number of vehicle thefts has dropped by 23 percent, with the majority of the 341 cases last year happening in mostly Johor.
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Number of car thefts falls thanks to technology aid
03 Mar 2015
Technology such as in-car cameras, close circuit television cameras and advanced security systems have helped put the brakes on car thefts.
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Man steals Volvo from condominium car park
06 Mar 2013
A man stole a Volvo from the basement car park of a condominium and proceeded on a joy ride across the Causeway to Ipoh.
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Beware of washing your car in Johor Bahru
23 Jan 2013
Car thieves in Johor Bahru are employing a new tactic to steal vehicles from Singaporeans who drive in for a quick car wash.
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Car thefts - How to prevent them?
05 May 2011
Car thefts are almost nil in the context of Singapore. But it doesn't mean drivers should slack off the necessary precautions. We reckon it's always better to be safe than to be sorry.
Text by Richie Setiawan | 26,035 views | Car Ownership Advice